Married 25-year-old Abbas with a height of 38 inches

Married 25-year-old Abbas with a height of 38 inches
Married 25-year-old Abbas with a height of 38 inches

Newlyweds Abbas Sheikh and Sonia Khatun. Photo: CollectedA resident of Bagerhat, 38 inches tall, Abbas Sheikh (25) is married. On Friday afternoon, he married Sonia Khatun (20), daughter of Salim Gazi of Dakbungalow area of ​​Khulna, 37 inches tall. With the consent of both the families, the marriage was completed with a colorful ceremony.

The newly married Abbas Sheikh is the son of Ajmal Sheikh of Srifaltala village of Rampal upazila. He is a first year undergraduate student of Rampal Government College. His newly married wife Sonia Khatun is a 10th class student of a secondary school in Khulna. His height is 37 inches. His studies were delayed due to physical disability.

Since childhood, Abbas was a laughing stock of his friends, neighbors, classmates and relatives due to his height. He continued his studies leaving people’s laughter and disabilities behind. After graduation, he wants to complete his master’s degree. Abbas Sheikh said that he will try to educate his wife.

Abbas Sheikh said, ‘Many people used to laugh at me because I was physically disabled. But I didn’t care about anyone. Friends used to say, I can never get married. Nothing will happen to me. I got married by the grace of God. I will live in peace.’

Newlyweds Abbas Sheikh and Sonia Khatun. Photo: CollectedAbbas also said, ‘A year and a half ago, the bride was chosen by the family. Last October 20, I visited Sonia with my two sons-in-law. Today Friday I brought him home through formalities. I got married by family choice. Please pray for us. May we live a beautiful life.’

Abbas’s mother Nazma Begum said, ‘When I was young, I went to school with a book in one hand and my son in the other. I taught my son education by listening to people with great difficulty. I have two daughters and only son Abbas. I have a lot of trouble. All of you will pray for him.’

Regarding Abbas, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Rampal Police Station SM Ashraful Alam told Ajker newspaper, “Though physically short, Abbas is a very social person. I have seen him participate in various social events. He invited me to the wedding. I was present in his body. I congratulate the newlyweds. People with disabilities should not be laughed at but should be encouraged in every activity. People with disabilities are no longer a burden on society. If nurtured properly, they can be an asset.’ This police officer requested everyone to stand by the disabled and physically backward people.

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