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Barisal’s BNP is not in the field in strike-blockade. Apart from a handful of influential leaders are not seen in the field of movement. The workers-supporters who are isolated in the field are also doing the photo session movement. As a result, the strike-blockade was not successful here. Bus launch is going normally. Meanwhile, on the first day of the hartal, the arrest of three top local leaders of BNP, including two former MPs, has created a mystery. The party itself has raised doubts about the arrest of these three leaders from Chaumatha area of ​​the city. The question has arisen among the activists and supporters that these three leaders were really arrested in the police operation or they went there with the intention of being arrested.

Barisal BNP has been successful in organizing mass gatherings from time to time to fulfill the program announced by the center but has always failed in the question of strict program. The proof of which was found again in the few days of strike-blockade. They could not even make a single march to any of the important points. On the last day of the blockade on Thursday, the Jhatika rally led by the joint convener of the Nagar BNP, Ziauddin Sikder, was also the venue of a relatively quiet area on the slopes of the Dapadapiya bridge on the Barisal-Kuwakata highway. At that time some cars were vandalized by party leaders and activists. Apart from this, few leaders and activists of Chhatra Dal have marched in Battala and Band Road areas of the city.

An analysis of some of the pictures of the march barricades shared by BNP’s media group on social media showed that none of them were in important areas of the city. Although the group’s information mentions the venue of the program in Kashipur and TTC on the Dhaka-Barisal highway, some important areas are named. While discussing the issue, Zahidur Rahman Ripon, a member of the convening committee in charge of the metropolitan BNP office, claimed that the party’s leaders and activists have carried out these programs in the places of discussion. However, not much information was found by visiting those areas on the ground. Anisuzzaman, a businessman in Kashipur area, told Jugantar that he would have known if there was a protest or arson by throwing tree trunks on the highway. Ariful Islam, a resident of TTC area, said almost the same thing. He said, they may have done this after 2-3 in the night or early in the morning. When there are no vehicles on the road except 2-1 long distance vehicles. Ordinary people are also in deep sleep. Otherwise there were protests, trees were felled, tires were set on fire but I did not know anything. How is this possible?

An officer of Barisal Kotwali Model Police Station said on the condition of anonymity, “This has happened several times – our patrol team removed tree trunks on the road early in the morning. But no one was found at the spot. In fact, these are not movements, but an attempt to strengthen the position of the party by taking pictures and providing them. In such cases, even kerosene is added to the tires. Just set fire, 2-4 slogans and take pictures on mobile.

Several photojournalists working in Barisal said that the leaders give us information to go to a certain place. Maybe it’s a secluded area on the outskirts of the city. After we arrived, a few activists came out. Everyone hid again after taking pictures with slogans and tires on fire. After that, there was a campaign to print pictures in the media. In most cases we avoid things. But it is true that this is what the movement is now. The reason for doing photoshoots like this to avoid police raids is to tell the center that something big is going on. But nothing in reality. Basically, by confusing the high command in this way, all this is going on to strengthen the position in the party and ensure the rank.

Attempts were made to contact several BNP leaders to find out about this, but almost everyone’s phones were switched off, so they could not be contacted.

Meanwhile, the three leaders who were arrested from Chaumatha area of ​​the city on Tuesday morning on the first day of the siege are former MP BNP Central Organizing Secretary Bilkis Jahan Shirin, former MP Barisal South District BNP convener Abul Hossain Khan and Barisal Metropolitan BNP convener Moniruzzaman Farooq. On the condition of anonymity, a leader of the BNP in the metropolis said that the metropolis has always taken Barisal North District BNP with it in the matter of implementing the program announced by the Centre. Everyone knows the distance between the southern district and metropolitan leaders. It is mysterious that the two convenors of the metropolis and the southern district BNP are together there. The question of why these three leaders went there together knowing that there is a risk of arrest is also not answered. But is the matter such that they think it is safe to be arrested and jailed instead of being in the trouble of agitation and struggle?

Shireen was admitted to Sher Bangla Medical College Hospital when she fell ill in prison after her arrest. It should be noted that Shirin was arrested for the first time during the current 15-year rule of the ruling Awami League. The police have sent them to jail in the old case without giving any new case.

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