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Foot overbridge closed, 22 mahallas suffering

Foot overbridge closed, 22 mahallas suffering
Foot overbridge closed, 22 mahallas suffering

Chittagong: The foot overbridge built on the Chittagong railway station for a long time has been closed by the railway authorities without any instructions. Thousands of people who travel through this bridge every day have suffered.

Recently, the railway authorities closed the foot overbridge built on the Chittagong railway station. Since then, residents of 22 mohallas and surrounding areas are going to the destination through New Market area.

Railway officials say that the overbridge has been closed due to security reasons. It will be reopened later after getting permission from higher authorities.

Several thousand students of Chittagong Collegiate School, PTI School, Railway Station Colony High School, City Girls High School, Mohius Sunnah Madrasah, Al Hamim Madrasah and many others have suffered due to the closure of this overbridge.

Railway Station Colony High School Principal Azad Hossain said that if the foot overbridge is open, students can travel to school in a few minutes. Now they are taking more time to travel through the New Market area. The number of students in the school has decreased.

Railway station master Zafar Alam told Banglanews that on Tuesday, someone threw cocktail-like objects on the train on the platform from the overbridge. Since then, the overbridge has been temporarily closed on the orders of higher authorities in the interests of the safety of trains and passengers.

Bangladesh Time: 1400 hours, November 3, 2023

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