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DU Chhatra Dal could not be united even in difficult times

DU Chhatra Dal could not be united even in difficult times
DU Chhatra Dal could not be united even in difficult times

As an opposition party, BNP and its organizations are going through the most transitional period of politics. BNP and its organizations are supposed to work unitedly for the country and the nation, going beyond individual and group level politics in such a situation of a movement of one phase of government fall. Although it is possible in some cases, Dhaka University (DU) branch students are not able to unite in any way out of the grouping. As a result, the branch could not successfully plan any program centered on the DU campus even though the movement to overthrow the government has been going on for a long time.

According to various sources of the organization, after the announcement of the latest committee of the DU branch Chhatra Dal on September 11 last year, the leaders and activists of the branch Chhatra Dal were beaten up on the campus (on September 27) to congratulate the VC of the university. Since the announcement of the committee, there has been discontent among some active groups. As a result, the groups did not participate in that program either. Later on, political chats and other activities were going on separately in the campus. Various programs including two or three marches on the same issue are seen at that time. In the meantime, when branch president Khorshed Alam Sohail was arrested and jailed, the level of grouping increased to a great extent. At one stage, the senior leadership of the organization and various pressures gradually started working under one banner, but due to various reasons, grouping politics is becoming visible again. As a result, even though there are more than two hundred active workers in the branch, the leaders have to carry out programs with only twenty to twenty five people under the main banner of the party. Inspite of having sufficient facilities, it is not possible to do it in the campus or its surroundings due to lack of manpower. There are criticisms about these programs as well. The DU branch Chhatra Dal held two jhtika marches in support of the latest hartal and blockade. Chankharpul next to Sheikh Hasina burn unit in support of hartal and Kantaban Dhal area in support of siege. Both the processions had a total attendance of 20-25 people. And the procession lasts from 40 seconds to a maximum of one minute. In this 40-second march, standing in front and jostling, pushing the president-editor and moving him back, there were comical scenes. Apart from this, although there is a small presence in the march of their own branch, at the same time the leaders and activists of the branch are also seen marching in different places of the capital with the senior leaders of their own group.

Some leaders of the branch are blaming the central students’ party for such a condition of the branch. They claim that DU branch students are not able to do any work or take decisions independently in recent times. They have to depend on the center to take any decision. In most cases the central leaders are not giving permission to work or not taking the proposals into consideration. As a result, after a long period of time, the branch groups working under the same banner have once again started conducting their own activities separately. As a result, a chaotic environment has been created inside the branch.
The issue of regrouping came to the fore on September 23. On that day late night, some leaders and activists led by Joint General Secretary of DU Chhatra Dal Anisur Rahman Khandkar Anik painted graffiti with different slogans of Chhatra Dal on various walls including Madhur Canteen, Kala Bhavan, Daksu Cafeteria of the university. The president and general secretary did not know anything about this before he shared this graffiti photo on his Facebook. Then, on the morning of September 25, a protest march was held by the workers of the university branch following Sharif Pradhan Shubo, literature and publicity secretary of the Central Chhatra Dal. The group later graffitied various walls on the campus. However, the top leaders of the branch did not know about any of those two issues in advance.

Some leaders of the branch, who did not want to be named, said that despite organizing the program under the banner of DU, the Super Five leaders of the branch could not take any organizational measures against them or bring them under accountability for not informing the branch leaders. At that time some of the violators went to the central leaders for some time to show remorse but to no avail. Later, due to a discussion in the WhatsApp group a few days ago, four people were mourned. The leaders of the aggrieved group alleged that there was also bias.
Denying the responsibility of not being able to unite everyone, Dhaka University Chhatra Dal President Khorshed Alam Sohel said that Chhatra Dal is always a united student organization. There is no grouping between us now. When critical situations prevail in politics, many people do not want to take risks. Only those who are used to politics come to these programs when the party is in trouble. And in many cases, the rulers are guarded with indigenous weapons. In that case, they participate in the procession at their convenient place. They are not subject to grouping.

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