Address to makeup artist Mihir?

Address to makeup artist Mihir?
Address to makeup artist Mihir?

RAB is also seeking answers from make-up artist Mihir Mohan, besides interrogating ‘boyfriend’ Urfi Zia in the investigation of the death of popular actress Humaira Himu.

RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin briefed reporters on Himu’s death on Friday (November 3) evening. Commander Moin said in the briefing that Himu’s mother died a year ago. Since then, Himu was living alone in his flat in Sector 10 area of ​​Uttara along with makeup man Mihir. Himu used to introduce Mihir as foster brother.

Commander Moin also said that Urfi Zia has been directly accused in the case of incitement to suicide. However, RAB is investigating the matter further. Because Mihir was also in the house at the time of the incident.

In RAB’s initial interrogation, Urfi Zia said that Himu-Urfi were addicted to online gambling through Bigo Live app for the last two to three years. So far, both have made huge sums of money. Urfi used to take drugs, and Mihir used to bring drugs. It is yet to be confirmed whether actress Himu also got addicted to drugs out of depression or grief.

In this regard, RAB said that Mihir’s drug involvement will be investigated. Whether this make-up man gives drugs to other actors will also be investigated.

Popular small screen actress Humaira Himu passed away on Thursday (November 2). His death is a mystery. From the beginning, some said it was suicide, some said it was murder. According to the police report, there were no signs of injury on Himu’s body, but rope marks were found on his neck. That afternoon, Urfi and Mihir brought Himu unconscious to the Bangladesh Medical College Hospital in Uttara. Urfi ran away soon after the on-duty doctor declared Himu dead. Later it is known that Himu had a relationship with Urfi. Sometimes there are talks of marriage. There have been quarrels for a few days.

Urfi told RAB that the two of them were in Himu’s room at the time of the incident. They were arguing. Mihir was in the next room. At one stage of the conversation Himu said, I can not die? See if I can. Because of this, he hanged himself on a rope. At this time, Urfi Zia was sitting on the bed. He runs and tries to save Himu.

According to RAB, Humaira Himu got married for the first time in 2000. She got divorced in 2005. On the other hand, Himur met Urfi Zia in 2012. At that time, Urfir also met one of his cousins. Urfi and his cousin got married because of the relationship. But they got divorced after just two months. Even after this incident, Urfi and Himu had a friendly relationship. On the other hand Himu gets involved with a young man named Taufiq. Taufiq committed suicide around 2017 or 2018. When Himur breaks down mentally, Urfi grows closer. This year they also thought of getting married. After that, Urfi’s visits to Himu’s house increased. The two used to gamble on the Bigo app.

Regarding the incident of Himu’s death, RAB said that on the afternoon of Himu’s death, Urfi Zia went to Uttara’s house to meet Himu like every other day. Make-up man Mihir opened the door of the house. There is a quarrel between Urfi and Himu. At one point, Himu threatened to commit suicide. At one point in the conversation, Himu brought a ladder from another room. A plastic rope was already tied to the hook of the fan in the room. Earlier, Himu had threatened Urfi by showing the hanging rope to commit suicide in a video call. He suddenly hanged on that rope. Later, Mihir and Urfi cut the rope and lowered Himu. Later they took him to the hospital. Urfi ran away when the on-duty doctor told the police about Himu’s death.

Meanwhile, in the investigation, RAB found similarities between Himu’s death and another incident of makeup man Mihir. Another popular actress of the country Tajin Ahmed died on May 22, 2018. This Mihir also brought Tajin to the hospital that day. No family members were there. Similarly, this Mihir was Himu’s last companion. Therefore, RAB also thinks that Mihir will get the solution to find out the real reason of Himu’s death.

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