BNP should come in elections: Dilip Barua

BNP should come in elections: Dilip Barua
BNP should come in elections: Dilip Barua

“It is normal that there will be opposition parties in the ground movement before the elections but at the end of the day everyone should participate in the elections. And if BNP does not come to the polls, it will be a suicidal decision for them’- Dilip Barua, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the party, said these things at the exchange meeting organized by Bangladesh Samyabadi Dal Mirsarai Upazila Committee on the ongoing politics and upcoming parliamentary elections at around 11 am on Friday (November 3).

Referring to the issue of seeking nomination from Chittagong-1 Mirsarai constituency in the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections, the top leader of the 14-party alliance said, ‘The leader of the soil and people of Chittagong is our Musharraf brother. Who has been elected seven times MP from Mirsrai constituency. This time he has announced that he will not make the election himself. Therefore, if he does not elect, in that case, I consider myself a worthy claimant of the alliance’s nomination.

“Politics is my profession,” said Dilip Barua to the other possible candidates for the alliance in Mirsrai constituency. I didn’t do anything other than that. Coming to this stage of life, I consider it an achievement of my politics to be elected from my own area. I hope other friends from our alliance who are seeking nomination will support me as a senior.’

Addressing the BNP, he said, ‘They do not have the strength or ability to overthrow the government. This is that BNP gathered so many people but at the end of the day the harvest could not bring them home. So what’s the point of doing all this?’

Among others present at the meeting was Awami League relief and social welfare subcommittee member Lagatam Barua, joint convener of Mirsrai Upazila Samyabadi Dal Ranjit Barua, former organizing secretary of Haitkandi Union Awami League. Nurul Alam.

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