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Potato prices are slightly lower due to import news

Potato prices are slightly lower due to import news
Potato prices are slightly lower due to import news

After the arrival of imported potatoes in the country, the price of the vegetable has decreased slightly. A week ago, where potatoes were sold at Tk 60 per kg, on Friday, it cost Tk 43 to Tk 50 to buy in different markets of the capital. Sellers say that the price of potatoes imported from India will come down further if they enter the domestic market.

In the wake of the sudden rise in prices in the country, the government fixed the wholesale and retail prices of potatoes on September 14. According to the decision, potatoes should be sold at Tk 26 to Tk 27 per kg in cold storage and at Tk 35 to Tk 36 in the retail market. Although the government fixed the price, its effect did not reach the market. Potatoes were sold at Tk 60 to Tk 70 per kg depending on the market in the capital.

Various government agencies including consumer rights campaigned to bring the potato market under control, but it practically failed. In this reality, the Ministry of Commerce decided to import potatoes from abroad on Monday. In the meantime, the Ministry of Agriculture has allowed the import of 1 lakh 7 thousand tons of potatoes. 77 tons of potatoes have arrived in the country till last Thursday. The import cost per kg from India is 25 rupees.

Meanwhile, the price of onion is slightly lower than before but it is still beyond the reach of common buyers. Local onion is being sold at Tk 120 to Tk 136 per kg and imported onion is priced at Tk 100 to Tk 105.

Even though the consumers are not satisfied, the sellers say that if the supply increases, the prices of daily commodities will start decreasing. Cauliflower is still being sold at 50 to 60 rupees. The price of beans is 110 to 120 taka per kg and the price of radish is 60 taka. Additional cost of other vegetables.

Buyers say that if the government’s supervision is increased, the prices of potatoes and onions will start decreasing.

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