7 members of youth gang who raised arms and cheered in Rajshahi were arrested

7 members of youth gang who raised arms and cheered in Rajshahi were arrested
7 members of youth gang who raised arms and cheered in Rajshahi were arrested

Police have arrested seven members of a gang of teenagers who raised sharp weapons and cheered wildly to the beat of music in Rajshahi. At this time, 11 indigenous weapons were recovered from them. Efforts are on to arrest other members of this gang. Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) Additional Deputy Commissioner (Media) Jamirul Islam confirmed their arrest last Wednesday.
The arrested are Sohail Rana (21), Monirul Islam Apurba (22), Rafiqul Islam Samrat (21), Najmus Saqib Abir (21), Mohaiminul Sheikh (20), Md. Jisad (20) and Maruf Hossain (21). Among them, Sohail is the son of Md Masum of Paba Newpara of Shahmakhdum police station in Rajshahi city, Monirul is the son of Raju Ahmed of the same area, Samrat is the son of Nazrul Islam, Abir is the son of Abdur Rahim, Mohaiminul is the son of Ripon Sheikh, Jisad is the son of Jasim Uddin and Maruf is the son of Barabangram Chakpara. Son of Salam Hussain.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner said that a total of 45 people have been arrested for various crimes in the last 24 hours in Rajshahi city. Out of this only 11 people have been arrested from Shah Makhdoom police station area. Among them are seven youth gang members who openly danced with weapons. He also said that after a video of the youth gang members went viral last Tuesday night, they were arrested in a raid on the orders of the RMP commissioner. At this time, 11 domestic sharp weapons were recovered. And those who have already been arrested after the interrogation, necessary action is being taken against them. A video went viral on social media last Tuesday night. The video is three-four months ago. It can be seen that a group of teenagers are having wild fun with different types of indigenous weapons including sharp ramada, chapati, Chinese axe, knife and playing drums.

Recently two doctors were killed, a teenager was injured in an attack and a teenager was sent to the ICU, and after the increase in robbery incidents, there has been concern and panic in the public mind as such videos have gone viral.
In response to this, Rajshahi residents demanded that the youth gang be reined in. Those who are raising them as ‘godfathers’ with arms and patronage, are also demanded to be brought under the law.
According to the police, immediately after the video went viral, they started to inquire about it. Later came to know that the viral video was at least three-four months ago. The video was made by the juvenile gang members themselves in Gangpara area of ​​Shahmakhdum police station in the city. It went viral on Tuesday.

The police also said that one of the members of this juvenile gang is Arafat Hossain. And Arafat’s friend is Sabbir. Four days ago Arafat and Sabbir were attacked by other members of the same gang. Arafat’s condition is critical now. He is currently undergoing treatment in ICU of Ramek Hospital. And after the attack on Arafat and Sabbir, other members of his side released the video on social media. As Arafat’s guardian, his brother Humayun Kabir filed a case at the police station last Monday (October 30). So the police started the arrest operation. Police said that all will be brought under the law soon.

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