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Where is Pakistan, Bangladesh most successful in taking catches?


Pakistan team rarely gets praise for fielding. Babar Azam’s team has heard a lot of criticism about the fielding in this World Cup as well. Usama Mir dropped David Warner’s easy catch in the match against Australia. There is still a ‘meme’ about it on social media. Shadab Khan has also been teased and criticized for dropping the catch. But one statistic might surprise you. Who are the most successful teams in catching this World Cup? Pakistan is the most efficient team in taking catches till India-Sri Lanka match on Thursday. Where is the position of Bangladesh in this list? Bangladeshi craft here is of medium quality. South Africa and New Zealand are considered good fielding sides in world cricket. However, in this World Cup, New Zealand dropped 16 catches and South Africa dropped 12 catches.

Pakistan has conceded only 6 catches in the current World Cup.

The Pakistan cricket team, which has played 7 matches in the World Cup so far, has had the opportunity to take 37 catches on the field. He managed to take 31 catches. Pakistan tops the list with 86 percent catches. However, out of the 6 catches that Pakistan conceded, 2 of them cost heavily. Pakistani opener Imam-ul-Haq left the catch of Kushal Mendis for 18 runs against Sri Lanka. Mendis later scored 123 runs. Pakistan however won the match. And Warner got ‘Jeena’ 163 for 10 runs. Pakistan lost that match to Australia.

The Netherlands, the partner country of ICC, has shown great skill in catching in this World Cup. The Dutch team is second in the list. Then the position of India, England and South Africa respectively. The success rate of all four teams exceeded 80%. The Dutch managed to take 27 out of 33 catches in the tournament. He left 6 catches equal to Pakistan. The success rate is 85 percent.

Out of a total of 25 catches, India also conceded 6 catches. Taking 19 catches, India’s success rate is 81 percent. England and South Africa also have the same catch success rate as India (81 per cent). England also conceded 6 out of 26 catches, while South Africa conceded 12 out of 51 catches.
Bangladesh is on the sixth place in this list. Out of 26 catches Bangladesh team dropped 8. 76 percent success rate with 18 catches. Australia lags behind Bangladesh in catch rate. Australia took 12 catches out of 29 catches. 71 percent success rate with 17 catches.
The catch rate of Afghanistan and New Zealand is also 71 percent. Out of 20 catches, Afghanistan has left 8 catches equal to Bangladesh. New Zealand has the second highest number of catches after South Africa. The Kiwis dropped 6 out of 40 catches. Sri Lanka are at the bottom of the list with 61 percent success with 14 out of 22 catches.

Fielding in the current World Cup

Team catch drop success
Pakistan 37 6 86%
Netherlands 33 6 85%
India 25 6 81%
England 26 6 81%
South Africa 51 12 81%
Bangladesh 26 8 76%
Australia 29 12 71%
Afghanistan 20 8 71%
New Zealand 40 16 71%
Sri Lanka 22 14 61%

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