BNP is steadfast in its ‘no come’ declaration

BNP is steadfast in its ‘no come’ declaration
BNP is steadfast in its ‘no come’ declaration

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The BNP and like-minded parties have announced that they will not go to the discussions organized by the Election Commission with the registered parties on the general issues including the progress of the preparations for the 12th National Assembly elections.

The election commission led by Kazi Habibul Awal organized this discussion in the conference room of election building in Agargaon throughout the day on Saturday.

Letters have been given to 22 teams to participate in morning and afternoon.

The ruling Awami League was called in the morning. BNP and Jatiya Party, the main opposition party in Jatiya Sangsad, were called in the afternoon.

It has been informed that each party can have president and general secretary or two nominated representatives of the party.

The violence erupted amid a tense political situation over the vote. The urge for dialogue to resolve differences has come from various quarters including parties; There is also a rush in the diplomatic circles. The call for this discussion came from the commission.

However, BNP’s position has not changed that much.

The party, which has been agitating for various demands including caretaker government during the election, reorganization of the current election commission, resignation of the government, has already started the ‘final’ stage program.

Last week they observed one strike and three days of blockade out of five working days. A blockade has been called for Friday and Monday next week as well.

In a video message from an unknown location, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, “What dialogue is this (EC’s letter)?” Dialogue for whom? What do they want to talk about by imprisoning the top leaders of the party, leaving them without homes, leaving them without homes? …On the orders of the government, these jokes are being made, the mockery is being made, the jokes are being made by the Election Commission in the name of dialogue.”

Many top leaders including BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir are now arrested and in jail, some are on remand. Most of the rest are in hiding. As the central office is locked, the letter carrier has left the commission’s letter hanging on the gate.

The current commission led by Kazi Habibul Awal has held two rounds of dialogue with the political parties after assuming office.

However, BNP and like-minded parties rejected the invitation both times, saying that they have no trust in this Election Commission.

Parties like the CPB and BAS, which are not at loggerheads with the BNP, also rejected the Election Commission’s invitation for informal talks last March. The number of such teams is 9.

This time they will respond to the EC’s call or not – Commission Secretary Md. Jahangir Alam declined to comment.

In a letter sent to the Election Commission, the parties were reminded of their constitutional obligations. It is said that according to the provisions of Article 123 of the Constitution, due to the expiry of the term of the 11th National Parliament, the election of the 12th National Parliament must be organized by next January.

Although the commission has time till January 29 to organize the polls, they want to finish the organization in the first week of that month. The schedule will be this month itself, it has been reported several times. It may be in the second week itself.

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Among the 22 parties invited to the EC conference room in the election building at 10:30 am are: Awami League, Islami Oikyazot, LDP, Trinamool BNP, NDM, Bangladesh Congress, Bangladesh National Awami Party, BJP.

CPB, Bangladesh Muslim League, NPP, Jamiat Ulamae Islam Bangladesh, two parts of Gano Forum, Demokrati Party, Islamic Front Bangladesh, Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Bangladesh Supreme Party, Khilafat Majlis, BML, BNF, Gano Front and newly registered Insanitya Biplab Bangladesh were also called in the morning.

BNP, JP, Bangladesh Samyavadi Dal (ML), Bangladesh Tarikat Federation, Krishak Sramik Janata League, Workers Party of Bangladesh, Alternative Dhara Bangladesh, Jatiya Party, Jasad, JSDK were called at 3:30 pm.

Other parties are: Zaker Party, Basad, Bangladesh Khilafat Movement, Bangladesh NAP, Bangladesh Jatiya Party, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlis, Islami Andolan, Bangladesh Islamic Front, Bangladesh Revolutionary Workers Party, Muktifauz, Bangladesh Jasad and BNM.

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