Frozen on the way to Lakshmipur after the janaza in Dhaka

Frozen on the way to Lakshmipur after the janaza in Dhaka
Frozen on the way to Lakshmipur after the janaza in Dhaka

Actress Humaira Himu’s Janaza was held at Channel Eye Mosque after Friday prayers. After that, the ambulance carrying Himu left for Lakshmipur around 2.30 pm.

It is known that the actress will be laid to rest next to her mother’s grave in her village in Lakshmipur.

Before Himu’s janaza, actor Ahsan Habib Nasim, president of Abhiniya Shilpi Sangh, said that if Himu has any debts, then it will be paid by Abhiniya Shilpi Sangh. He wishes everyone to pray for his peace.

After the funeral, Humaira Himu was taken to Channel I Square. Last respects were paid there. Where the President, General Secretary and other members of Abhinaya Shilpi Sangh were present.

Actress Afsana Mimi, producer Chayanika Chowdhury, SA Haque Olik and many star faces of the showbiz arena spoke to the media expressing their condolences.

Himu’s death has been viewed as ‘mysterious’ from the beginning by the Abhinaya Shilpi Sangh. President Ahsan Habib Nasim said that when Himu was taken to a hospital in Uttara, the doctors declared him dead. But it cannot be said whether it is suicide or murder.

Humaira Himu’s friend Mohammad Ziauddin has already been arrested by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Friday morning. Ziauddin was on the run since Humaira Himu’s death on Thursday afternoon. He is also known as Rufi. In the afternoon, details will be announced through a press conference at RAB Media Center in Karwan Bazar.

Bangladesh Time: 1543 hours, November 03, 2023

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