A. League is preparing for a big showdown in Khulna before the elections

A. League is preparing for a big showdown in Khulna before the elections
A. League is preparing for a big showdown in Khulna before the elections

The local Awami League is preparing for a big showdown around the public meeting of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Khulna. The Prime Minister will address a public meeting at Khulna Circuit House grounds on November 13. The party wants to express its public support through a large presence on this day before the National Assembly elections and considering the political critical moment. Candidates for nomination in the national elections are also making various preparations to catch the attention of party chiefs and central leaders.

According to party sources, the prime minister was supposed to come to Khulna on November 9. Later the itinerary was changed and finalized on November 13. Apart from Awami League, organs and allied organizations have been holding preparation meetings, extended meetings and workshops at Khulna city, district, thana, upazila, union and ward levels for about 10 days to make the public meeting successful. Prime Minister’s cousin Sheikh Helal Uddin MP, who is known as the guardian of Awami League in Khulna, is supervising the preparations himself.

Awami League leaders said that seven sub-committees have been formed and preparatory work is underway. They are preparing to bring activists by road, sea and railway. Ward-to-ward campaign marches will be held from Sunday.
It can be seen on the surface, a huge stage is being built in the shape of a boat in the circuit house field. Carpeting work is going on in the surrounding roads. Hundreds of arches have been constructed to welcome the Prime Minister in different parts of the city. Along with that, the city is covered with billboards of party leaders. Party offices have also become crowded. Preparations for lighting are underway at important junctions and main roads in the city.

General Secretary of Khulna Metropolitan Awami League MDA Babul Rana said that preparations are being made to gather 1 million people of 10 districts of Khulna division in the public meeting. Microphones will also be provided at public meeting places and surrounding areas so that everyone can hear the Prime Minister’s speech.

Awami League’s Central Organizing Secretary SM Kamal Hossain said that the BNP-Jamaat alliance will not be able to stop the flow of Awami League leaders and activists and common people in the public meeting by strike-blockade.

Khulna Metropolitan Awami League President and City Mayor Talukdar Abdul Khalek said that all-out preparations are underway for the success of the public meeting.
Meanwhile, the candidates for the party’s nomination in the parliamentary elections have entered the campaign competition. They are preparing various events to catch the attention of central leaders including the Prime Minister. Sadar Thana Awami League president Saiful Islam, who is nominated for Khulna-5 constituency, said that he has already built 35 arches. He will participate in the public meeting with his followers wearing one color t-shirt and cap.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina went on a personal visit to Khulna on January 6. On that day, the Prime Minister visited the jute warehouse bought in the name of Mother Bangamata Begum Fazilatun Nesha Mujib in Nagarghat area of ​​Dighlia Upazila and spent time with the family members at her uncle’s house in the city.

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