I play or not but Bangladesh is playing, support: Tamim

I play or not but Bangladesh is playing, support: Tamim
I play or not but Bangladesh is playing, support: Tamim

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The Bangladesh team has been in a poor state so far in the World Cup. Bangladesh has won only against Afghanistan after playing 7 matches so far. Had to lose against a team like the Netherlands. Criticism is going on everywhere. Tamim Iqbal once again asked everyone for support for the cricketers in such a difficult time.

Tamim was the captain of the Bangladesh ODI team even before the World Cup. He gave up the captaincy after various scandals. He was also dropped from the World Cup squad at the last minute. Bangladesh’s top order without Tamim Iqbal has been eating away at the entire World Cup. Many people think that this has left the team behind a lot.

Meanwhile, Tamim kept aside the bitter experience of being left out of the World Cup team and repeatedly supported the team. He has extended good wishes and support for the team several times before. Tamim asked for support for the party today Friday (November 3) while congratulating Dainik Prothom Alo on its foundation anniversary.

Tamim said, ‘Cricket is something that brings us together. We are so passionate about cricket that when things don’t go well, we feel like the world has ended. And when it’s good, we feel like we’ve won it all. We are all going through a tough time now. Because you are a very important media. I would say, try to be with the team as much as possible at the moment. Everyone takes out frustrations somewhere.’

The best 8 teams of the current World Cup will play in the 2025 Champions Trophy. The current status of Bangladesh in the points table is such that there is also concern about getting a chance in the Champions Trophy. However, Bangladesh went to the World Cup from number three in the ICC Super League. Bangladesh has been in great form in ODIs for the past few years.

Nothing seems to be going right for Bangladesh in the World Cup. Poor batting and unpredictable bowling. Tamim said, ‘Just think, 15 boys are going there and trying. How did the reaction fall on their families or themselves? I know this is a difficult time, we have let the nation down. But at the end of the day they are all human. Whether I play or not, it doesn’t really matter. Bangladesh is playing, so we should support. We should show love from the country.’

Regarding whether he will be seen in the national team again, Tamim said, ‘I don’t know whether I will play or not. If I play then you will see it on the field, and if I don’t play then it is the same. Pray for me.’

AndGTV, the most popular satellite television in the country, is telecasting all the ODI World Cup matches live. This year’s World Cup will also be seen on the online platform Rabbitholbd.


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