19th Conference of Bangladesh Marma Student Council

19th Conference of Bangladesh Marma Student Council
19th Conference of Bangladesh Marma Student Council

It is not enough to dream, to realize the dream, you have to develop yourself as an educated person through self-education. Along with education, their mother tongue, social customs and culture should be brought up. If not presented in front of the country, those cultures will be backward in the future in the hilly areas. Therefore, the Chairman of Parbatya Zilla Parishad called Kyshaihla to bring up their own language and culture in the future.

He said this while addressing the chief guest at the 19th Bangladesh Marma Student Council (BMSC) Central Student Conference of Bandarban Minority Cultural Institute on Friday (November 3) morning.

Speakers at the conference said that the Bangladesh Marma Student Council Committee was formed in 1989. This non-political organization is guided by the four principles of education, equality, friendship and progress. This organization has now entered 35 years. Which is the pride of this organization.

Chakma circle advisor Rani Yen Yen said in her speech, she used to save tiffin money to buy books and read. But in Chittagong Hill Tracts, tribals do not get this opportunity due to lack of financial transparency. However, due to the current internet facilities, many types of books are now available if desired. He believes that it is necessary to have knowledge of one’s own language, culture and traditions of the tribals along with linguistic knowledge.

At the end of the conference, the 31-member committee of Bangladesh Marma Student Council announced the new committee by electing President Usaigya Marma, General Secretary Anghaisingh Marma and Organizing Secretary Mongchai Sa Marma.

Central Committee President of Bangladesh Marma Student Council Wuking Wang Marma presided over by former Chairman of Local Government Council and Chittagong Hill Citizens Committee President Gautam Dewan, Member of Chittagong Hill Regional Council KS Mong, Bangladesh Marma Student Councilor Central Committee President and Development Worker Anchanu Marma, former General Secretary And lawyers Ubathwai Marma, Madhavi, social and human rights activist Angchamang Marma, civil society and students were present.

Before that, Rani Yen Yen, advisor to Chakma circle chief, inaugurated the student conference by hoisting the national and party flags at Rajar Math at 9 am. After that, the rally with the participation of hundreds of students from the King’s ground, followed the main road and ended at the premises of the Minority Cultural Institute. Also, interesting cultural events are organized in the afternoon.

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