Elections like 2018 will not be held in 2024:

Elections like 2018 will not be held in 2024:
Elections like 2018 will not be held in 2024:

Dhaka: Commenting on the upcoming 12th National Parliament election, the Emir of Bangladesh and Charmonai Pir Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said, “I want to send a message to the government that the election like 2018 will not be held in this country in 2024. In the situation that has happened in Bangladesh today, everyone has one demand, there should be an impartial election.

And this claim is a fair claim.

He said these things while addressing the party’s general meeting at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital on Friday (November 3).

Rezaul Karim said, the gathering of the Islamic movement has become a great ocean. I was worried about the situation in Bangladesh in the last few days, yet you have come, I am happy and surprised at the same time.

Charmonai Pir said, a message has been sent through your participation in this rally that the Islamic Movement is not a party that runs away from danger. The Islamic movement will be in the field in the fight for people’s rights despite various fears. This message has gone everywhere.

Amir of the Islamic movement said that the term of the government is over on November 3. So we held a mass meeting on this day. One of our demands is that there should be a fair election under the national government. Our buses were blocked, conditions were imposed on public meetings to suppress anti-government groups. But when the water flows, no one can stop it.

Various demands were raised by the Islamic movement in the rally. They are-
• By November 10, the government must resign and hand over power to a national government composed of all registered and representative political parties, dissolving the current 11th National Parliament.

• To resolve the existing political crisis, within the next one week, all Ulama Keram, including BNP, imprisoned for political reasons should be released and the President should initiate a national dialogue with all political parties.

• If the government does not accept these demands, a strict program will be given after discussing with all the protesting opposition parties.

• Islami Andolan Bangladesh declares its support for all peaceful programs of opposition parties including BNP to demand the establishment of voting rights of the people and to bring down the illegal government.

The party’s senior Naib Amir Mufti Syed Muhammad Faizul Karim, Secretary General Maulana Yunus Ahmed, Advisor Maulana Abdul Awal, Presidium member Ashraf Ali Akand, Joint Secretary General Engineer Ashraful Alam, Advisor Mufti Eshak Md also spoke in the gathering. Abul Khair and President of Islami Sramik Andolan Bangladesh Aminul Islam.

Bangladesh Time: 1717 hours, November 03, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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