Clash in Mirpur The siege attempt in Gazipur failed

Clash in Mirpur The siege attempt in Gazipur failed
Clash in Mirpur The siege attempt in Gazipur failed

Police clashed with garment workers in Mirpur of the capital on Thursday. At one stage the police dispersed them by throwing tearshells. At this time some people were arrested. On this day, workers tried to go to the field in some areas of Gazipur metropolis. However, they could not survive in the face of the resistance of law and order forces. Meanwhile, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been deployed for the security of various garment factories in Tongi region. News sent by representatives-

Mirpur (Dhaka): For the fourth day, garment workers blocked the main road in Mirpur 11:30 (East) around 8 am on Thursday. From there a group of several hundred workers went towards number 12. At that time, they vandalized several plastic chairs placed in front of Abesh Hotel at bus stand number 12. Apart from this, 3 glasses of Rice showroom and 8 buses of BRTC were vandalized. At this time they explode a cocktail.

Later, the workers went to Mirpur roundabout number 10 and blocked the road. At that time, the police chased them. The workers retreated and took position in front of Mirpur 11:30 Puravi cinema hall. There is a chase again. At one point, when the police started throwing tearshells, the workers were trapped in the eastern area within 10 minutes. By 12 noon, Puravi area was completely under police control.

Mahfuzur Rahman, OC of Pallabi police station, said that the workers went down the road. They have been removed. At this time, some people were arrested.

Gazipur, Tongi and Kaliakair: This morning, workers tried to go to the field in Bhogra, Naojor, Islampur and Bagherbazar, New Bazar and Masterbari areas of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in Gazipur metropolis. But they could not survive in the face of the resistance of law and order forces. However, almost all industries in Gazipur are closed due to the agitation.

Sarwar Alam, Superintendent of Police of Industrial Area Police-2 Gazipur, said that there is no movement of workers anywhere in Gazipur. The situation is completely normal. Still, the police are on high alert.

On the other hand, there have been two separate cases of fire in police car and attack-vandalism-arson in factory in Kaliakore of the district. On Wednesday night, Enamul Kabir, an officer of Fortics factory in Purbchandra Boardmill area, filed a case against 4-5 thousand unknown persons and 3-4 thousand unknown persons as accused by APBN Inspector Kajal Chandra Sarkar as the plaintiff in the case of setting fire to the police car in Mouchak area. In view of the case, the police conducted raids in different areas of the upazila and arrested 9 people.

It should be noted that the workers of garment factories in some areas including Gazipur have been agitating for the last few days demanding an increase in salary and allowances. During the agitation, incidents of vandalism and burning of vehicles took place at various places.

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