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Chhatra League and Shibir attack in Sylhet

Chhatra League and Shibir attack in Sylhet
Chhatra League and Shibir attack in Sylhet

Sylhet: Last Wednesday (November 1) in Sylhet, two cases have been filed against Chhatra Dal and Shibir for attacking Chhatra League leaders and activists during the blockade and strike. In both the cases, more than 250 leaders and activists of Swachha Sevak Dal, Juba Dal, Chhatra Dal and Jamaat-Shibir have been made accused.

Last Thursday (November 2), Chhatra League leader Eman Ahmed filed a case at Kotwali police station as the plaintiff. On the other hand, Sub-Inspector (SI) Kallol filed another case in the incident of police attack. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kotwali Model Police Station. Ali Mahmud confirmed this information.

Fourteen named persons and 50-55 unknown persons were accused in the case of Chhatra League leader. They are – Sylhet Mahanagar Chhatra Dal President Sudip Jyoti, General Secretary Fazle Rabbi Ahsan, District Chhatra Dal General Secretary Delwar Hossain Dinar, District Volunteers Dal Convener Abdul Ahad Khan Jamal and Member Secretary Shakeel Morshed, Metropolitan BNP Former Member Secretary Mifta Siddiqui, District BNP Member Mahbu Haque Chowdhury, Afshar Khan, BNP joint convener, BNP leader Mominul Haque, former Chhatra Dal leader Maqsud Ahmad and Fakhrul Islam, Abdur Rahman, Oliur Rahman and Zainal Abedin of Jamaat-Shibir.

Besides, in the case filed by the police, 14 people have been named and 170-180 unknown people have been accused. The Ejaharnamians are- General Secretary of Mahanagar Chhatra Dal, Fazle Rabbi Ahsan, General Secretary of District Chhatra Dal, Delwar Hossain Dinar, Chhatra Dal leader Abdus Salam Titu, Ubayed, Oliur Rahman Jhunu, former Chhatra Dal leader Arafat Chowdhury Zaki, Tarek, Shakeel Murshed, Jamaat-Shibir’s Afzal Ahmad, Sujat Ahmad, Raihan, Abib, Nashir and Shibbir Ahmad.

On the second day of the blockade called by BNP-Jamaat and their joint movement partners, Chhatra Dal and Shibir attacked the Chhatra League’s motorcycle showdown in front of the city’s Bandarbazar Karimullah Market at around 11:30 a.m. during the youth strike in Sylhet on Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses said that around 11:30 a.m., when a procession was taken out in Bandarbazar area of ​​the city in support of the strike and blockade, the Chhatra Dal-Shibir chased and threw bricks and threw stones at the police. Meanwhile, Chhatra Dal-Shibir also attacked the anti-hartal showdown on motorcycles led by Suzel-Emdad and Jawad of Telihaur group of Chhatra League. The assailants attacked several Chhatra League activists on motorcycles. During this time some people including MR Muhib of District Chhatra League were caught and severely beaten and injured.

Besides, the camp and Chhatra Dal activists injured some by throwing bricks. A private car and two motorcycles were vandalized. They also set fire to a motorcycle. Then the police came to the scene. They chased and arrested six members of Chhatra Dal and Shibir.

On the first day of the siege last Tuesday (October 31), a youth leader was killed in an accident during a police chase in Sylhet. Because of this, the youth group called for morning-evening hartal in Sylhet division within the siege on Wednesday. Sylhet district and metropolitan BNPO supported this strike.

Bangladesh Time: 1440 hours, October 03, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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