Public transportation and sidewalks should be prioritized for safe transportation of students

Public transportation and sidewalks should be prioritized for safe transportation of students
Public transportation and sidewalks should be prioritized for safe transportation of students

Students and parents are facing various difficulties due to the lack of safe and environment-friendly means of transportation to educational institutions in Dhaka city. The overabundance of private vehicles for students to travel to school is one of the causes of traffic congestion and pollution in Dhaka city. The speakers said this in a discussion meeting jointly organized by Dhaka Road Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) and Center for Law and Policy Affairs (CLPA). Later a memorandum of understanding was signed for research in this regard.

Executive Director of DTCA Sabiha Parveen presided over the ‘Selection of their mode of transport for students in Dhaka city’ at DTCA Auditorium on Tuesday at 11 am. DTCA Additional Executive Director Mohammad Rabiul Alam, Jahangirnagar University Urban and Regional Department Professor Aktar Mahmud, Environment Save Movement Chairman Abu Naser Khan were present in the meeting. Secretary of CLPA Syed Mahbubul Alam gave opening speech in the meeting. DTCA Transport Engineer Mohammad Haider Kamruzzaman moderated the meeting. The article was presented by Habib Nipu, Policy Analyst of CLPA Asrar. Various government and private representatives, development workers and media representatives were present in the meeting.

Aktar Mahmud said, considering the health and livable environment of our students, we must provide good footpaths and quality public transport. Besides, the implementation of the initiatives taken by the city corporation regarding school buses is necessary.

Mahbube Rabbani, Director of Road Safety Branch of BRTA, said that this research deserves praise for ensuring safe travel of students. He suggested that research should bring up the issue of how students want to travel and take programs to make students aware.

Maqsood Hashem said, we are building wide footpaths but there are still many obstacles. Car parking especially on footpaths is emerging as a major problem. A community-based home-to-school walking network should be developed.

Rabiul Alam, Additional Executive Director of DTCA, said that 65 percent of the traffic in Dhaka city is on foot. This study aims to highlight what can be done to create a safer environment for those who walk and get those who use cars into an active mood.

Sabiha Parveen said in the president’s speech that this research will play a helpful role in developing a safe and people-friendly transportation system. The service should be made known under the voluntary service in various communities with the combination of people from all classes and professions of the society. All must work together through coordination between various agencies of the government.

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