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Jubo League-Chatra League clash in old Dhaka

Jubo League-Chatra League clash in old Dhaka
Jubo League-Chatra League clash in old Dhaka

Jagannath University (JUB) Chhatra League clashed with Metropolitan Jubo League in Old Dhaka’s Bahadur Shah Park. At least five people from both sides were injured in the incident. Among them, four from Chhatra League and one from Jubo League. This incident happened on Wednesday (November 1) around 1.30 pm.

Eyewitnesses said that a peace rally organized by Mahanagar Jubo League was going on at Bahadur Shah Park. At that time, some workers of Jubo League and some workers of Jobi Chhatra League had a discussion in the cafeteria of the park. Because of this, the BCL workers chased and attacked the workers of the Jubo League. The chase leads to the altar in the park to the gathering place. During this time, there was a clash between the Jubo League workers and the Chhatra League workers.

Clash between Chhatra League and Youth League in Old Dhaka

Later, when BCL activists came from the campus with batons, a clash broke out between the two sides. Five people were injured on both sides. Chhatra League activists vandalized the chairs brought for the rally. Then Jobi Chhatra League President Md. Ibrahim Faraji and General Secretary SM Akhtar Hossain came and took the BCL leaders and activists to the campus.

Ramzan, President of Ward No. 39 of Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League, who was present at the scene, said that Jagannath University Chhatra League exaggerated a trivial incident. That’s why there is trouble.

Jagannath University (JUB) Chhatra League activists came to attack the Mahanagar Jubo League

In this regard, Jobi Chhatra League General Secretary S. M Akhtar Hossain said, we went there thinking that we were anti-independence forces. After going, I saw the big brothers of Jubo League holding a rally. Then we left from there. No problem. And none of us got hurt.

Jobi Chhatra League President Md. Ibrahim Faraji said, there was no trouble here. There was a small misunderstanding. Later we exchanged greetings and left.

Shahinur Rahman, OC of Kotwali police station, who was present at the scene, said that there was a little trouble between the local Jubo League and Jagannath Chhatra League. It has also been reconciled.

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