4283 leaders and activists arrested in seven days, more than 80 cases


In the press conference, it was informed that more than 5 thousand 729 leaders and activists were injured, 473 cases were filed, 6 thousand 973 people were arrested and 35 thousand 625 people were charged with the central program of BNP. Also, in 17 cases, 9 people have been sentenced to death and more than 111 leaders and activists have been sentenced to imprisonment for various terms.

This senior BNP leader criticized Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s press conference on Tuesday. Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, the speech of the press conference proved that he (Prime Minister) wants to hold a one-sided election again without voters. He does not believe in political compromise and harmony and free, participatory and fair elections.

The senior joint secretary general of BNP also commented that the prime minister did not look favorably on the presence of people in the general meeting of BNP on October 28 for a one-point demand for free and fair elections. He complained that for this, his law enforcement forces fired bullets, tear gas shells and sound grenades, killing journalists and BNP leaders and seriously injuring numerous leaders and activists. His confidence in the law and order forces increased as the rally broke up. Because of this, these forces are carrying out more reckless and hellish rampages.

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