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Clashes over the declaration of BCL committee in Natore government college, shootings


Around one o’clock BGB was returning to the city from the college premises under the leadership of the Executive Magistrate. At that time two new leaders of the college branch and about 50-60 BCL leaders and activists went to North Baragacha area under the leadership of district BCL president Farhad bin Aziz. They ambushed the office and house of District Volunteer League President Ishtiaq Ahmed on the side of Natore-Rajshahi road. At this time three shots were heard. The attackers vandalized the furniture in the office including photos of Bangabandhu and the Prime Minister. He tried to break the gate of Ishtiaq’s house and enter. Sensing the presence of law and order forces, the attackers quickly marched away. Later, law enforcement officers visited the vandalized office.

Immediately after the incident, the deposed president Azmain Saad held a press conference and complained that the new committee was formed completely undemocratically. They know nothing about this committee. Some of those who were brought to the committee used to belong to Chhatra Dal. Apart from this, there are married, student harassers among them. He also said that if this committee is not cancelled, the environment of education in the college will be disturbed. Those who vandalized the photos of Bangabandhu and the Prime Minister do not deserve the leadership of the Chhatra League.

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