‘United Nations statement is flawed, government will protest’

‘United Nations statement is flawed, government will protest’
‘United Nations statement is flawed, government will protest’

Foreign Minister Dr. said that the statement given by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) about the recent political situation in Bangladesh is flawed. AK Abdul Momen. He said, the government will protest.

The foreign minister said this while facing the journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday (November 1).

Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen

Dr. Momen said many of the OHCHR’s narratives are flawed. Detached from the real event. We will send a protest to this. We think they are not properly informed. They lack information. The lack of information on such institutions is very unfortunate.

In a statement published on its website last Tuesday (October 31), the OHCHR called on the government to exercise maximum restraint in mitigating political tensions during the crisis in Bangladesh.


The statement called for upholding the human rights of all citizens of Bangladesh before, during and after the elections.
It also said, ‘We are deeply concerned about the spate of violence in the ongoing protests in Bangladesh. With national elections looming in the country, we call on all political parties to make it clear that such violence is not acceptable. Also, we call on politicians to refrain from such statements and activities that incite violence.’

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