Rangpur has no public transport due to the blockade

Rangpur has no public transport due to the blockade
Rangpur has no public transport due to the blockade

BNP’s second day of blockade has left public transport on highways and inter-district and upazila roads empty. People are suffering from it. Meanwhile, in support of the blockade, there have been reports of picketing of Rangpur metropolis and district BNP railway lines and various roads and highways. However, no untoward incident was reported anywhere.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested 2 BNP activists in the metropolis and 6 in the district on charges of planning sabotage.

According to the information received from the media cell of Rangpur metropolis and district BNP, on the second day of the blockade, BNP leaders and activists staged a protest by setting tires on fire on a road in Mithapukur-Pirganj Border Bhavna Filling Station area of ​​Rangpur. At this time they requested the people to observe the blockade and force the resignation of the government. An hour later, the blockaders staged another protest on the 6-lane highway in Bara Darga area. It was led by district president Saiful Islam and Anichur Rahman Laku. At this time, the protesters were seen chanting slogans demanding the release of Khaleda Zia and the resignation of the government.

On the other hand, at 7 o’clock in the morning, the leaders and activists of the BNP in the city held a protest by blocking the railway line in the Singimaridi railway bridge area. There, BNP leaders and activists protested on the Badarganj road in the terminal area of ​​the city. In addition, activists are sporadically picketing and protesting in different upazilas of the city and district. After picketing and protesting for a while, they are changing their position before the police arrive. However, no untoward incident was reported anywhere.

Rangpur Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Abu Maruf Hossain said, “We have deployed the police in the highest alert state for the sake of public safety. But as soon as we got the news that some leaders and activists are marching to end the blockade with very little time, we are moving there.

Rangpur District Police Additional Superintendent of Police (DSB and Media) Ifte Khair Alam said that our members are deployed on every road and highway in the district. As soon as we got the news that few people gathered and protested in the empty place, we are conducting operations there.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Police and Range Police sources said that apart from the metropolitan area, the law enforcement forces have placed maximum vigilance on the roads, highways and various important places of the eight districts of the range. Intelligence surveillance has been increased.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the blockade called by BNP and like-minded parties, public transport has no access to roads and highways. People are suffering because of it.

No bus left from the divisional bus terminals including Kamarpara Dhaka Coach Stand, Central Bus Terminal of Rangpur Metropolis. No goods are being transported on the roads and highways of the division except for the transport that is free from the blockade. Not only long distance, but also district and inter-district buses and minibuses are not running.

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