Police fired on BNP activists in Bogra


(48 minutes ago) Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 12:36 PM

On the second day of the 72-hour countrywide road, rail and sea blockade, there was a chase between Jamaat workers and BGB in Bogra. The incident took place around 9 am in Subgram-Ghuniyatala area of ​​the second bypass road.

On the other hand, police opened fire on Bogra district BNP and activists in Tinmatha Railgate area. Police, BGB members fired rubber bullets, mortar shells and tear shells at the road blockers around 10:15 am.

Meanwhile, the BNP activists who blocked the road were dispersed. It has been claimed by the party that 5/6 BNP leaders and workers were injured in the clash.

On the other hand, a large number of Jamaat-Shibir leaders started picketing in Tinmatha, Charmatha, Subgram-Ghuniyatala and Baropur areas of the city from early Wednesday morning. At around 9 am, tension broke out when a few coaches, which were blocked by BGB guard, were crossing at Ghuniyatala on the second bypass road.

During this time, there was a chase incident between BGB and Jamaat workers. After about 20 minutes of back-and-forth chase, the situation calmed down when the Jamaat workers withdrew from the highway. Jamaat-e-Islami Bogra City Branch Amir Principal Abidur Rahman said that in support of the blockade, Jamaat leaders and activists are holding a peaceful program at four points in the city.

There was some tension and chase in Ghunyatala. Jamaat workers have been instructed to observe the blockade peacefully.

District Chhatra Dal President Saidul Islam told Manavzamin that we were peacefully staying in the Tan Matha Railgate area since morning. All of a sudden the police started firing, tearshells at us without any reason. Around 5/6 of our activists were injured by rubber bullets.

District BNP general secretary Ali Azgar Talukdar Hena told Manavzamin that our leaders and workers have been stationed at various points on the highway since morning.

Even though we want to carry out the program peacefully, the police and Awami Bahini are attacking us.

He said that district BNP president Rezaul Karim Badsha, veteran leader Helaluzzaman Talukdar Lalu, Sahidunnabi Salam and other organizations participated voluntarily in the blockade program. I will not return home until I win.

Bogra Additional Superintendent of Police Snigdh Akhtar said that the police are working tirelessly to restore peace and order on the streets. I will not allow unpleasant situations to arise on my road.

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