Human chain of Shabi students demanding to retake the course exam

Human chain of Shabi students demanding to retake the course exam
Human chain of Shabi students demanding to retake the course exam

The post graduate students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Shabi) Bangla Department staged a human chain and sit-in protest to protest against appearing absent in the course examination and demanding re-examination. They held this program in front of the academic building ‘B’ of the university on Monday morning.

At this time, placards with slogans such as ‘Don’t accept inhuman decision, don’t accept’, ‘Don’t take away six months from our life’, ‘My demand is only one, want to sit for the exam’, ‘Six months delay, what will I say to the family’ are seen in the hands of the students. The students have threatened to announce another program if their demands are not met within 48 hours.

Jannatul Ferdous Munni, a protesting student, said, “The final examination of a three-credit course titled ‘Media and Film’ of the Bengali department’s post-graduate course was scheduled to be held on July 16. A classmate was hospitalized with fever. We request the head of the department verbally to postpone the exam by informing about the illness of the classmate. However, the teachers discussed in the meeting and decided that the exam date cannot be changed. In this situation, considering the physical and mental condition of the classmate, no one participated in the course examination.”

Munni said, later on the advice of the head of the department to take the exam, we apply to the concerned people including the Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Student Counseling and Guidance Director and the Director of the Examination Controller Office. But in the academic council meeting of the university we were found absent in that course and it was decided to give the exam with the next batch.

Meanwhile, a representative group of students, director of student counseling and guidance of the university. Meet Rashid Talukdar. The students said that he could not give assurance as it was the decision of the academic council. However, he will talk to the vice-chancellor about this.

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