BRTC passengers do not have to pay toll

BRTC passengers do not have to pay toll
BRTC passengers do not have to pay toll

Experimental bus service has started on Dhaka Elevated Expressway. Eight buses of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) started transporting passengers from Kawla to Farmgate at 11:30 am on Monday.

Roads and Highways Department Secretary Amin Ulla Noori and BRTC Chairman Tajul Islam were present at the opening ceremony of this program.

Amin Ulla Noori said, even if traveling on the elevated expressway, the fixed fare of BRTA will be charged from the passengers. For now, tolls are not added to the fare. The fare for 15 km from Khejur Bagan near Farmgate to the airport is Tk 35.

Apart from this, the fare for 17 kilometers up to Uttara Jasimuddin Avenue is Tk 40. That is, the fare per kilometer is 2 taka 45 paisa. Due to e-ticketing system, there is no opportunity to charge more fare.

According to BRTC sources, passengers can board the bus from Jasimuddin, Airport Railway Station and Kawla. And go down to Farmgate. On the other hand, you can board the bus from Khejur Bagan roundabout, Khamarbari and Vijay Sarani of Sangsad Bhavan. However, the expressway can only be boarded from Kawla and Farmgate. Apart from this, there is no opportunity to fly on the expressway.

The Secretary of Roads and Highways Department said that if the government adjusts the fare with the toll then action will be taken accordingly. The number of BRTC buses on the elevated expressway may be increased if the passengers respond. However, there will be a problem for commuters in the middle of the elevated expressway as there is no opportunity to take off in the middle.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the first section of the Dhaka Elevated Expressway from Airport Kaola to Farmgate in Tejgaon on September 2. It was opened for vehicular traffic the next day.

It has been seen that there is no public transport without private cars. In such a situation, ordinary passengers had to suffer. Now eight buses of BRTC are operational but they cannot ply anywhere except Kawla and Farmgate.

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