Pakistani onions entered Khatunganj

Pakistani onions entered Khatunganj
Pakistani onions entered Khatunganj

Chittagong: 234 tons of onions entered the country from Pakistan through Chittagong port in four rounds. Basically, when the price of onion increases in the country, when there is a shortage in supply, onions are imported in containers by Chittagong sea port.

Throughout the year, the shortfall in domestically produced onions is met by importing onions from India. Indian onions enter Bangladesh market through land ports.

Although the Pakistani onions coming from Chittagong port entered Dhaka market two days ago, Chittagong’s big wholesale market entered Khatunganj on Monday (September 18).

Mohammad Idris, general secretary of Hamid Ullah Market Traders Association, a major onion market in Khatunganj, confirmed this to BanglaNews.

He said that Pakistani onions were sold at 42-43 rupees per kg today. On the other hand, Indian onions were sold at Tk 50-52.

In response to a question, he said that the price of local onion is high and the size is small, so demand is low in Chittagong. Apart from the demand of onion at the domestic level, the demand of onion is high in Mejban, Beyshadi, Ors and food hotels in Chittagong.

A shopkeeper told BanglaNews that there are few buyers in the onion market. Pakistani onion has entered the market. Permits have been granted to import onions from several other countries. The stakeholders will import onion considering the costing price, price movement in the local market etc. The market price of onion will depend on supply and demand.

Onions coming through Chittagong Port are tested and issued clearance by the plant contamination center. The deputy director of the center. Nashir Uddin told BanglaNews on Monday (September 18) that the first four consignments of onion arrived through Chittagong port this year in September. About 58 tons of onions came from Pakistan in each shipment. There are more onions in the pipeline.

According to the sources of this center, 609 tons of onion came from Turkey and Pakistan in January 2022, 1 thousand 555 tons in February, 1 thousand 256 tons in July, 847 tons in August, 117 tons in September, 1 thousand 462 tons in October.

According to sources, India imposed a 40 percent duty on onion exports to control the domestic market. This has increased the price of imported Indian onion in Bangladesh market. Therefore, on August 24, the Ministry of Agriculture has allowed import from 9 countries besides India to control onion market in the country. The countries are – China, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Myanmar, Thailand, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates. Among them, 2 thousand 400 tons from China, 3 thousand 910 tons from Egypt, 11 thousand 820 tons from Pakistan, 1 thousand 100 tons from Qatar, 2 thousand 110 tons from Turkey, 200 tons from Myanmar, 33 tons from Thailand, 4 tons from Netherlands and 3 tons from UAE Permission granted.

On August 20, the price increased by Tk 15-18 per kg in the Khatunganj area due to the news of imposition of duty on onion export to India. A day ago, Indian onion which was sold at 45 rupees per standard was sold at 58-62 rupees. 65 rupees is used in some cases. Onion was sold at Rs 65-70 per kg in retail grocery stores.

Bangladesh Time: 2020 hours, September 18, 2023

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