Haq is leaving the country after wrapping up the business

Haq is leaving the country after wrapping up the business
Haq is leaving the country after wrapping up the business

Adam Tamiji Haque, managing director of Haque Group of Industries, announced permanent resignation after closing his business due to the torture of the influential Awami League leaders of Tongi. In a status on Facebook early yesterday morning, he expressed his desire to live permanently in the UK and said, ‘Today at noon I will leave Bangladesh for Jeddah on a Saudia flight.’ However, it could not be confirmed whether he left the country on Sunday or not. Before this, there was a huge uproar in Tongi-Gazipur over several Facebook statuses of Adam Tamiji involving State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell and his uncle.
Adam Tamiji Haque, the managing director of Haque Group of Industries, a traditional industrial group of the country for a quarter of a century, accused the local influential leaders of the ruling party Awami League of illegal interference, looting and artificial crisis in their own business establishments. He is a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin by birth. Gazipur-2 Constituency Member of Parliament, State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel and his uncle Metropolitan Awami League leader Matiur Rahman Moti alleged that their traditional industry was ruined due to looting. did Dual citizen Adam Tamiji made these complaints live on his verified Facebook page and in several written posts for three days. He was scheduled to hold a press conference at Hawk Biscuit Factory in Tongi last Saturday in the circumstances that arose. But despite the announcement, he did not go to the factory later.
Last Saturday midnight, Adam Tamiji said in his Facebook post, ‘There is nothing left, the money of workers, banks and suppliers is with Zahid Ahsan Russell. Understand from him. I am going to Saudi. After that moving to my native UK. Long live the king.’ Adam Tamiji Haque is the chief advisor of Dhaka Metropolitan North Tanti League and the founder chairman of Human Bangladesh Society. Through the organization he founded, he conducted socio-economic activities in different regions of the country.
‘Don’t vote for an inferior party like Awami League’ – Adam Tamiji: Adam Tamiji Haque publicly burnt his Bangladeshi passport in anger at not getting justice for the robbery. He came on Facebook live last Saturday evening and burnt his passport and expressed his anger, he said, ‘I was the leader of Adam Tamiji Haque Bangladesh Awami League. Bangladesh Awami League is trying to frame me with a false case to compel me to leave the country, my property of 1000 crore rupees. For which I renounced my Bangladeshi citizenship. I no longer want to be a citizen of this country. I am not qualified to be a citizen of this country. I can’t do anything but steal.’ He said, ‘If anything happens to my family, please find out who is doing it. And I will keep saying this, you will not vote for an inferior party like Awami League. Give for someone else. Bye, bye, Bangladesh; You will be very happy with Awami League. I am not an eligible citizen for this country, I am British, I born in England, I return to my country.’
Tamiji called the state minister a thief: Adam Tamiji Hoque came on Facebook live while staying abroad last Friday night and said, ‘Good afternoon, goods have been illegally taken from my factory. State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel’s father was a good man, he is my father’s friend. State Minister Russell, his uncle Motiur Rahman Moti and local ward councilor Nuru used to take money illegally from my organization. They have robbed me of 1000 crore rupees so far.’ At that time he pointed at the state minister and said, ‘You are a thief, butper, you know me. I am coming to Tongi. Stop if you have the courage.’ In another status, Adam Tamiji wrote, ‘Dear Netri (Prime Minister), I and my second wife are on our way from Dubai to Dhaka. The rest of the family members will leave tonight and arrive in the morning. We are coming to save our livelihood from the terrible clutches of MP Russell and his uncle.’
What happened on Wednesday at Hock Factory: Last Wednesday, inside the Hock Food Industries Limited (AT Hock Biscuit Factory) factory located in the industrial zone of Rajuk, Tongi, the chief operating officer-COO Mushfiqur Rahman Rumel was allegedly beaten up and injured by another officer (HR) for embezzling a large sum of money. Against Ishaan Khan. State Minister Zahid Ahsan Russell’s uncle Matiur Rahman Moti went inside the factory with his party members that night to resolve the incident. Later the police went and rescued Mushfiqur Rahman. In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of GMP Tongi East Police Station, Mostafizur Rahman, said, ‘The situation was brought under control by sending the police to the spot after receiving information that there was a fight between the two managers of the factory of Haq Group. Mushfiqur Rahman was rescued in an injured condition and given to his wife. As the matter is internal to the factory, they said that they will discuss with the owner and file a complaint. So far no one has given a written or verbal complaint to the police station.
Huge uproar on Tamiji Haque’s Facebook Live: In this direction, there is a lot of discussion and criticism in Tongi and Gazipur centered on Adam Tamiji Haque’s Facebook Live. Due to complaints against the state minister and his uncle, their supporters party leaders and activists are holding protest marches, broom marches and torch marches in Tongi. Additional police have been deployed in front of the factory. There is a lot of discussion and criticism in social media.
Allegation of trying to seize the factory against the uncle of the State Minister: Last Thursday, Tamiji Haque alleged that State Minister Zahid Ahsan Russel’s uncle Matiur Rahman Moti and the dismissed Chief Executive Officer Rumel are conspiring to take over the factory of the Haque Group. Last Friday, Adam Tamiji posted multiple posts in English and Bengali on his verified Facebook ID. In one post, he said, “In 2016 I left a successful company in the hands of ‘loyal employees’ and local politicians who have known us for decades agreed to keep an eye on it. Now there is nothing left. I can’t pay the workers, I can’t pay the suppliers, I can’t pay the bank. Because they (local Awami League leaders) looted Tk 1000 crore from us and we are finished.” He called State Minister Zahid Ahsan Russell a ‘thief’ and his uncle Matiur Rahman Moti as ‘Godfather of Gazipur, a criminal’ and requested the Prime Minister to dismiss the State Minister.
Return my money before I become a beggar: Adam Tamiji said, ‘Please return the looted Rs 1000 crore so that I can leave this country in peace. I don’t want to live in this country anymore. Please return our looted money before we all become beggars, so that I can pay my creditors and leave them. This was my reward after so much labor? Take away what I have contributed?
In another status, he said, ‘My advice to those who can, leave everything. This country is beyond repair. Same old bastard every time.’
In this regard, attempts were made to contact Adam Tamiji Haque on mobile for a statement in this regard, but he did not receive the call. Gazipur City Corporation Ward No. 46 Councilor Nurul Islam Nuru said, ‘I don’t know anything about this. I have nothing to do with Adam Tamiji Haque.’
Matiur Rahman, former Joint Secretary of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League, said, ‘Mushfiqur Rahman, the general manager of that organization, was beaten up inside Hawk Factory last Wednesday at 10 o’clock. One of his fingers was cut during the beating. Since I do politics, I go there after getting news. The police also go there. Later, in the presence of the police, Mushfiqur Rahman was rescued in a seriously injured condition and given to the custody of his wife Molly Rahman. But out of fear they did not complain.’ State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russel could not be contacted as the phone was not answered.

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