‘I married Mushtaq of my own free will’

‘I married Mushtaq of my own free will’
‘I married Mushtaq of my own free will’

Cynthia Islam Tisha, a 11th class student of the capital’s Ideal School and College, has given a statement under section 22 in the court.

Last Sunday (June 16) he gave a statement in Thakurgaon Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. After the statement, the student moved to Dhaka with her husband Mushtaq Ahmed on her own responsibility through the court.

In the court statement, the student said that there was no incident of abduction and rape. Even when the investigating officer of Thakurgaon Police Station asked for the medical and DNA report of the student, Cynthia refused. He said, ‘I have not been a victim of any rape or abduction. So there is no need to report these things.’

In the deposition, Cynthia also said, ‘I am an adult and a young woman. I have the authority to make my own decisions. I married Mushtaq of my own free will. He did not force anything. The case that my father has filed is to harass my husband.’

Later the court ordered him to go on his own recognizance. According to the order of the court, he will be bound to appear/be present at the appointed place on the summons of the court or the investigating officer of the case on his own responsibility.

Incidentally, Saiful Islam, the girl’s father, filed a case against Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed, a member of the governing body of Ideal School, in the Thakurgaon court on June 22 on charges of kidnapping and rape. In view of the case, the student went to Thakurgaon court.


Mushtaq’s lawyer in this regard. Sahabuddin Khan said, “Cynthia’s father Saiful Islam filed a case against Khandaker Mushtaq in Thakurgaon Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal on June 22 as a plaintiff in the case of abduction.” The tribunal directed the Thakurgaon Sadar Police Station to investigate the case and submit a report within 60 days. In this situation, the victim himself came to the court and gave a statement under section 22. After that, the student moved to Dhaka with her husband Mushtaq.

He also said that Cynthia’s father filed the case citing her age of 16. But the court verified Cynthia’s national identity card and found that she was 18 years and four months old. That means he is an adult. He has decision-making authority.

They got married on March 25 this year. However, this incident became known in the beginning of June. Before that member was accused of torturing a student. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) of Dhaka has been assigned the responsibility of investigating the matter. However, the two announced their marriage before the investigation.

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