Kalyanpur Reservoir will have a beautiful ecopark, waterlogging will be removed

Kalyanpur Reservoir will have a beautiful ecopark, waterlogging will be removed
Kalyanpur Reservoir will have a beautiful ecopark, waterlogging will be removed

Kalyanpur Reservoir area is 53 acres# Removal of illegal constructions and removal of soil and waste #DNCC wants to complete construction of Ecopark within next two years#Preliminary work preparation with design is going on now

Flooding is a regular occurrence in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Kalyanpur, Sheorapara and Kazipara during the monsoon season. The water of these areas goes and accumulates in the Kalyanpur retention pond (reservoir). Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is taking the initiative to construct ‘Hydro Ecopark’ there. Evacuation of illegal structures has already been completed. Now excavation of soil and design of eco park is going on. Mayor Atiqul Islam claims that there will be no more flooding in these areas after the entire work is completed.

DNCC officials said that the area of ​​Kalyanpur retention pond (reservoir) is about 53 acres. A gang had illegally occupied this place for ages and built a settlement. Recently the squatters were evicted by conducting mobile courts. Now preparations are underway for the construction of Hydro Ecopark at that place.

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Those who built settlements on the site of the retention pond, are seeking compensation from the city corporation. They claim that they are the owners of the land by birth and purchase. The city corporation evicted them illegally. If the corporation needs land, it should be acquired at the current market rate.

The reservoir near the embankment in Gaidartek area of ​​Gabtali is known as Kalyanpur Retention Pond area. Rainwater from various areas including Mohammadpur, Adabar, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Mirpur, Dhanmondi and other areas accumulates in this reservoir (retention pond). Later water is removed from the reservoir by means of pumps. Dhaka WASA handed over the ownership of this reservoir to DNCC two years ago.

After getting the land, DNCC took the initiative to build Hydro Ecopark around the reservoir to enhance the beauty of the city. Accordingly, the organization is working on the design with the consulting company. They want to complete the construction of Ecopark within the next two years.

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On May 10, Kalyanpur Retention Pond was visited, illegal structures have been removed from around the reservoir. Broken parts of various structures are scattered. The reservoir is filled with garbage. DNCC’s engineering department is cleaning it with three separate vechus. However, they could not say how long it would take to excavate the entire reservoir or how much dirt and soil would be removed from it. However, according to the information of DNCC’s engineering office, the agency has removed 30 million cubic feet of soil and waste from this reservoir till May 13.

Driver Mohiuddin said the city corporation has asked to remove the soil and waste from the entire reservoir area. Accordingly it is being removed by vehicles and trucks. But I don’t know how long it will take to complete this work.

Humayun Kabir is a native of Kalyanpur. His house is adjacent to the retention pond. Talked to him at a tea shop in that area. He said, this reservoir was vacant for a long time. There was no government action to evict the illegal occupants. Now the initiative taken by DNCC has been welcomed by the local residents. People can breathe a sigh of relief if the ecopark is built here.

In this regard, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam told Jago News that a recreation center can be built around the Kalyanpur Reservoir. Excavation of the retention pond for the park is now underway. There are many challenges to be faced while doing this. But no obstacle can stop our work.

He said, this ecopark will be made for people of all ages. All facilities for children, women, men and senior citizens will be there. We will build a city rest around the reservoir. Prime Minister has made Hatirjheel project in Dhaka city. We will also build a nature-based ecopark in Kalyanpur.

Complications with land ownership

According to sources in the property department of DNCC, Dhaka Wasa handed over 13 canals and reservoirs to DNCC in 2020 to reduce waterlogging and enhance the beauty of the city. Later, DNCC started removing garbage and illegal structures from these canals. As a part of this, the organization took the initiative to free the 53-acre Kalyanpur Retention Pond at the beginning of this year. At that time the occupants claimed ownership of the land. They also made a human chain on May 10 on this demand.

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Amir Hussain built a two-storied structure occupying four hundred acres of the reservoir adjacent to Gaidartek. On May 10, the DNCC raided its premises and demolished it. According to Amir Hossain, in 1989 Dhaka WASA acquired 171 acres of land for Kalyanpur Regulating Pond. But later two-thirds of the land was released by the government. Other owners have suffered due to non-release of remaining land. So we demand to release our land.

Amir Hossain did not give any answer to the question why he did not give up the possession of the place even after receiving the acquisition money.

When asked about the complexity of acquisition, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam said, Dhaka acquired this land of WASA reservoir in 1989. Then the money was given to the land owners from the DC office. Those who took the money occupied the place again. Now they have no chance to give concessions.

He said, rain water goes to Kalyanpur Retention Pond from five canals. As much as it rains, the water will go into this retention pond. After that, I will pump it to Turag river. There will be no flooding in the areas. In fact, if we cannot fix it, then Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Kalyanpur, Sheorapara and Kazipara will be submerged in water. The bigger the ecopark, the more benefits the local people will get.


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