Actor Irfan Sajjad is devastated by the loss of twins

Actor Irfan Sajjad is devastated by the loss of twins
Actor Irfan Sajjad is devastated by the loss of twins

Small screen popular actor Irfan Sajjad has lost unborn twins. He lost his children through his wife’s unwanted abortion on May 5. Irfan told the news through a post on Facebook on Tuesday.

The actor writes, ‘I named them Priya and Maya. They became more beloved to Allah!’

It is known that Irrfan is mentally broken after losing his twins. He still cannot understand his mind. On the other hand, his wife Sharmin Sajjad is still ill. He could not be normal mentally.

Giving details, Irfan Sajjad said, ‘My wife has been ill for the last one and a half years. He was undergoing regular treatment at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. I found out that my wife is pregnant. That’s why I didn’t work like that for the last year and a half. Tried to give time to the family.’

Narrating the incident, the actor said, ‘On May 5, the return flight ticket from Chennai to Dhaka was confirmed. Suddenly that morning my wife fell ill. He was quickly admitted to the hospital. Then he had a major surgery. But the doctor could not show the light of day to our two 6 months unborn children. The physical condition was so bad that the doctors had no other way to bring our child to the light of the world.’

Irfan told his wife Sharmin’s physical condition, “My wife is still sick. He is undergoing treatment. Realizing what a child is. I am not in a state of mind to express this feeling in words. Please pray that I can return home with a healthy wife.’

(Dhakatimes/24 May/LM/AJ)

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