What Jahangir Alam said about the divorce notice given by his wife

What Jahangir Alam said about the divorce notice given by his wife
What Jahangir Alam said about the divorce notice given by his wife

After permanently expelling former mayor of Gazipur City Corporation Jahangir Alam from Awami League, his wife has filed a divorce notice with him. The notice has spread through social media. However, Jahangir was somehow tight-lipped about the matter. Even his close relatives are reluctant to talk about it.

Jahangir Alam held a press conference at his home in Chaikdana area of ​​the city on Tuesday (May 16). At that time, when asked about the divorce notice, he was a little embarrassed and told the media, ‘Let our family matters remain within the family. We are now holding a press conference for political reasons. Vote on 25th. You stay with the vote for now.’


He also said, ‘Now many people will say many good and bad things. It’s up to them. We don’t want to talk about anyone’s family, anyone’s personality. If anyone wants to talk about personal matters, come to my house, sit, listen.’

On November 25, 2021, Jahangir Alam was expelled first as the general secretary of Gazipur Mahanor Awami League and later as a primary member of the party for life on charges of insulting the martyrs of the Liberation War. Later, he was temporarily suspended from the post of mayor due to various allegations of irregularities and corruption.


Last Sunday (May 14) Awami League president Sheikh Hasina’s political office had a meeting of the editorial board recommending the expulsion. After that, on Monday evening, Jahangir Alam’s permanent expulsion from the Awami League was announced by party secretary Biplab Barua in a letter.

After this, the divorce notice of wife Kazi Razia Sultana spread through social media including Facebook. According to the notice, Jahangir Alam, son of Mizanur Rahman, resident of Gazipur, married Kazi Razia Sultana Joy, daughter of Kazi Iqbal Bahar, a resident of Mirpur, on February 18, 2011. After the marriage, Jahangir Alam’s wife was subjected to mental torture and torture and due to non-payment of regular maintenance, the family life began to be in turmoil. A copy of the notice has been given to the Mayor of Gazipur City Corporation. Kazi Tayabur Rahman and Kazi Nazmus Shakib are witnesses in the notice.


It should be noted that Jahangir’s wife Kazi Razia Sultana sent the divorce notice on April 30. In the notice, he accused Jahangir of mental torture, torture and non-payment of maintenance. According to the Muslim Family Act, 1961, divorce becomes final after 90 days if the relationship does not improve after sending the notice.

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