I don’t talk much, what is the solution?

Answer: Since humans have the ability to think and feel, we all want to connect with others in social contexts through conversation. Just as we enjoy expressing our feelings, we all have a strong urge to listen to what others have to say. Apart from that, a sense of security is also created in our minds if we can create mutual bonds by organizing. It would be good to know how close your family bond was from childhood or how it is now. From the time of birth, we get the warm love of parents and close people, our mind develops healthy. After growing up, this love is very helpful in acquiring social skills. It is easy to imagine how much you are suffering from the fact that you are currently wrapped up in this way. But you have said that once you used to talk a lot, but now you only talk with gestures or say nothing at all.

Do you remember exactly when you reduced the amount of talking? Did something special happen that was very sad or scary for you? If you remember an incident, you can think whether one or more people were present there. You can write down in a note book what thoughts worked in your mind about the people who were involved in the incident. It is better to write down the thoughts or feelings that the thoughts created in you.

Negative thoughts create negative emotions in our mind, such as fear, anxiety, anger and pain. That is why it is so important to replace our immediate thoughts with alternative thoughts later. It gradually reduces the intensity of our negative emotions. As a result, desired changes in behavior also begin to occur. There may have been several significant events in your life that made you so introverted. These events will write down what you think about yourself and others. Try to change them and practice positive thoughts.

For example, if someone tells you, you can’t speak properly, and if you hear it, you think that I am belittled by it, and maybe you think about him, why did he belittle me by saying that? How could he say that? Instead of these thoughts, if you can tell yourself that at least I will never disrespect myself because of this. You can think about others, other people have the right to give their own opinion. Instead of criticizing, I try to understand what is the reason behind it. It may improve my social skills.

However, it is very difficult to do these tasks alone. With the help of psychotherapy we are able to enhance life skills. Find out if your medical college hospital has a clinical psychologist for one-stop crisis management. If you seek him, then taking his advice will definitely benefit you.

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