CPM Youth Leader Shatarup Ghosh Weds Paheli Saha With Ushasie Chakraborty Friends And Family In Presence

Kolkata: While detractors are scornful of the crowd of veterans in the left camp, at that time, a few leaders like him provided oxygen to the party as young leaders. He also got the election ticket as the youngest member of the party. I don’t know how much water has flowed through the Ganges after that. The Trinamool has been in power continuously since Bamdurg was demolished in 2011. But even though the party was not in power, his popularity did not go down that much. CPM’s youth leader Shatarup Ghosh was quite popular among college-bound young women. This time he got married.

CPM youth leader Shatarup Ghosh got married

Shatarup got married on Sunday. The bride is Paheli Saha. But the student leader did not agree. Paheli himself once dabbled in student politics. Later he took a job in the corporate world. Also known in Tollywood due to work in a production company. Due to acquaintance, Shatarup and Paheli have been side by side for several years. This time they started the journey together in the future.

On Sunday, Shatarup and Pahili’s four hands became one. They are initiated in left wing ideology. Not a religious ceremony, but a registry wedding with a legal seal. Many well-known personalities from the world of politics and entertainment went there to congratulate the newlyweds.

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On the guest list, small screen’s ‘June Aunty’ Ushsi Chakraborty caught the attention of the first. Ushasi is the daughter of late politician Shyamal Chakraborty. Shatarup is his longtime friend. As Shatarup’s wedding day approaches, Ushsi gets more excited. A day ago, Ushshi posted a picture with Shatarup on Instagram. He said that the countdown for the marriage of Shatrup and Paheli has started.

On Sunday, Ushasi also posted pictures with the newlyweds. On one hand, Ushsi is seen in a cream and pink lehenga with a Banarasi saree, gold jeweled pahli, and a matching dhoti-punjabi shatraup on the other. The proof that she did not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures with the newlyweds is the Instagram caption of Ushshi.

Since his college life, he has dabbled in politics as a student

Ashutosh was involved in student politics while studying in college. SFI has been doing it for a long time. In 2011, in the year of his exit, Bam won the assembly election ticket at the age of 25. After that, he became a party candidate from Kasba in 2016 and 2021. Despite never winning, he is one of the young politicians in the state.

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