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The word ‘casting couch’ is very familiar with the world of cinema. At one time, the ‘me too’ movement crossed Hollywood-Bollywood and came to Tolipara. From the named director to actor, lyricist, no one has been left out. Mumbai model Pooja Kull has added to this list this time. New serial ‘Sohag Jal’ started on ‘Zee Bangla’ from Monday. Within a few days, Suman Das, the director of the series, was accused of ‘me too’. Earlier, Suman also directed the series ‘Ai Papa Sahchari’. Recently also directed the women-centric series ‘Deep Water Fish’ in ‘Hiichi’. However, on the day of the first telecast of the serial ‘Sohag Jal’, Mumbai model Pooja made several serious allegations against Sumane Das live from her Facebook account.


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Suman has been accused of rape and murder. However, another person opened his mouth against this well-known director of the series. Somdatta Mitra, who had dreams of becoming an actress, spoke to Suman. This time he also made a bunch of complaints against the director like Pooja. Somdatta told Anandabazar Online, “I am now doing another job after changing the industry for Suman Das. The experience is so bitter that fear has entered the mind, the industry is full of people like him.” Somdatta also acted in Suman’s short film ‘Jannat’. But Suman’s ever-increasing demand and unyielding insistence forced him to leave the industry. In Somdatta’s words, “Suman had a strange stubbornness. He repeatedly said, “Why don’t you be my girlfriend!” The complainant said, he repeatedly interrupted. But the director did not listen. After blocking the phone, Suman came in front of his house in a drunken state and abused him. Somdatta said, “I was verbally abused. Even through messaging my father used various foul language about me. I filed a police complaint in 2015. Finally, I was forced to leave the city and move to Kerala.”

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After that in 2017 Suman talked to Pooja. However, this time the director became more reckless. At least this is known from Pooja’s complaint. Pooja claims that Suman tried to rape and kill her inside the flat. Pooja said that the director tried to keep her inside the flat. But Pooja used her present intelligence and locked herself in the bathroom of the flat. The director kept shouting to open the door. In this way, the two sides continued to fight. Finally the director’s neighbor came and rescued Pooja. Pooja came to Facebook live and narrated the incident with tears in her eyes.

Anandbazar Online tried to contact the director about all these complaints. “I’m on the shoot, I can’t talk now,” the director hung up the phone.


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