Siam-Sunera’s kissing and slapping incident shooting

Siam Ahmed-Sunerah bint Kamal

A video suddenly went viral on social media on Thursday (November 24) afternoon. In the video, James is seen singing at a concert.

Siam Ahmed is listening, actress Sunerah Binte Kamal is standing next to him.

Soonerah quietly approached Siam, who was engrossed in music, and suddenly kissed her. Siyam freed himself and slapped Sunerah.

As the video spread through the net, many praised Siam. Many have also criticized. Many said it was a shooting scene.

In this regard, Sunerah said, many people think that this is a true story. But this is not true. There was a shooting scene.

However, Sunerah did not want to give details about any movie. He said, I don’t want to say anything about any movie or anything at this moment.

Recently, Siam, Sunerah and Mim are working in Dipankar Deepan’s film ‘Antarjale’. The video footage is a scene from an internet movie.

The movie has a scene similar to the incident that happened during the concert. Coincidentally on Wednesday (November 23) the ‘Bangladesh Youth Concert’ was held at the Army Stadium by Antarjaal director Dipankar Deepan. So the scene was shot there with the permission of the organizing committee.

Bangladesh Time: 1753 hours, November 24, 2022

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