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Famous director Rahim Nawaz passed away

Eminent cinematographer Rahim Nawaz passed away in the early hours of Saturday, September 24, 2022 due to old age at his residence in Navana residential area, Kalyanpur, Dhaka. (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeun).

He was born on 22 September 1938 in Brahmanbaria. He was a classmate and friend of another eminent film director Zaheer Raihan during his stay at Devendra Manson in Kolkata. Later became interested in photography. His arrival in film from photography. With friend Zaheer Raihan’s film Sangam (Urdu, Color, 1964). After that Zaheer was associated with all the films of Raihan. Zaheer was a member of Raihan’s film production company ‘Little Cine Circle’. Worked as still cinematographer and associate director of Zahir Raihan’s ‘Anoara’ (1967), shot in Sirajganj. Later he produced films ‘Dui Bhai’ (1968) and ‘Samsar’ (1968) jointly with Star Cinework group. His first film as a solo director was ‘Suyorani Duyorani’. After that he directed films such as ‘Manner Mot Bau’ (1969), ‘Yoga Beyog’ (1970), ‘Apanjan’ (1975), ‘Rater Koli’ (1977), ‘Aasadharan’ (1985).

He is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters. His funeral will be held today after Zohar.

Information: Mir Shamchul Alam Babu and Photo: Azad Abul Kashem.

The article is in Bengali

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