Prosenjit Weds Rituparna : Just waiting for the right day, Prosenjit proposed marriage to Rituparna!

Prosenjit Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta, G 24 Hour Digital Bureau: The house was closed, and suddenly Prasenjit Chatterjee shouted ‘Ritu Ritu’. Rituparna appeared after hearing the call. He said, ‘Hey, what happened, why are you shouting so much?’ Prosenjit lowered his voice and said, ‘Shouldn’t we fix the wedding date? Rituparna’s comment after being ashamed, ‘What nonsense! The wedding date is ours, the son has grown up, the daughter has grown up. Our wedding date!’ Then Prosenjit said, ‘Hey, I’m talking about our wedding date! Hey inside…’ was never heard from again. Prosenjit then left the house. Rituparna left the house feeling ashamed.

Are you wondering what is going on?

Yes, it’s not just me, you, but all the netizens who have seen the video are thinking with their hands on their cheeks after watching the video. Prosenjit Chatterjee posted such a video on Friday morning, surprising everyone. At the end of the video, Prosenjit Weds Rituparna, the wedding date will be announced soon. He wrote in the caption, ‘The wedding date must be fixed or not? Do you also want to know?

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So let’s be frank. Prasenjit is finally getting married to Rituparna in Ghatkali of sister Pallavi Chatterjee. Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta are managing the wedding with Mohr and Sharmistha Mukhopadhyay. A few days ago, their wedding invitations also came out. Where the text of the letter says…



After sharing the screen together for more than three decades now we present you again – Prasenjit weds Rituparna. We want to move forward with the blessings of elders and love of all. Samrat Sharma and his Hattimatim team are handling all the responsibilities of the wedding right from the wedding. Pallavi Chatterjee is in charge of the wedding ghatkali. Dowry and Sharmishta under the supervision of marriage. Errors in invitation by digital letter are forgivable.
the end
Prasenjit Chatterjee
Rituparna Sengupta.

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Everyone started thinking after seeing this invitation letter, Prosenjit is getting married number 4 now! Ajne Nah, Prosenjit-Rituparna’s new film is coming soon. This is a video made for the promotion of their upcoming film. Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta have paired up in the roles of hero and heroine in numerous films. After Uttam-Suchitra, their pair is considered the most popular pair of Bengal by the cine lovers. They have given super hit films one after another. But this is the first time that these two superstars are pairing offscreen. Samrat Sharma’s upcoming film ‘Prosenjit Weds Rituparna’. Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta will present this fun film. Two new actors will be seen in the lead role in this film. However, whether Prosenjit-Rituparna will act together in this film only outside the screen, they are tight lipped. Shooting will start soon.

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