‘Sex-e is moksam dawai’, Mahip Kapoor advises Bollywood newlyweds on Karan’s coffee couch


First Published Sep 23, 2022, 3:03 PM IST

The three are very good friends. Gauri Khan came to Karan’s Coffee Couch with Mahip Kapoor, Bhavna Pandey. And if Bollywood’s three superhot star spouses appear together on the coffee couch, then it is natural that information about their personal lives will be leaked. Bollywood star wives have more or less discussed their married life candidly. Which is now the hotcake of Netdunya.

Actor Sanjay Kapoor’s wife Maheep Kapoor gave great advice to Bollywood newlyweds. He said to Ranveer and Deepika, what else can I tell them, good sex, good sex and yes please don’t share your clothes. Maheep also gave great tips for Ranveer and Alia. He also told them good sex, and yes, all the work of the child should be shared. Katrina says to Vicky, good sex is not enough, but Vicky got Katrina, so everything is good in her life.

Karan asks questions to Maheep Kapoor on the show. Mahip asked Kapoor, which star would suit him best onscreen. Actor Sanjay Kapoor’s wife Satan says she strongly believes that Bollywood superstar Hrithik will be a perfect match for her. Karan Johar was shocked to hear that. The guest of Karan’s episode number 12 is Bollywood’s three wives. The fans are looking forward to know what information Karan will reveal about the three stars. Many have objected to this show. According to them, this show deals with sex. But Karan Johar refuses to budge even a hair from his place no matter what anyone says. The seventh season of ‘Koffee Wife Karan’ has gathered in just a few days. No one knows the pot news of heroes and heroines better than Karan. Again Karan Johar wants to take out everything in front of the camera. Again, the show of ‘Koffee Wife Karan’ is about the sex life of celebrities. And everyone has known that for a long time. Karan’s show has already leaked the personal information of several stars. And Karan Johar also always asks various questions about the personal life of the stars. Among them, sex life and relationships are more important. It should be noted that from September 16, Gauri Khan’s new show Dream Homes with Gauri Khan will premiere on Mirchi Plus YouTube channel.

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