No interest in love

No interest in love
No interest in love

Jannatul Ferdous Oishi came to showbiz with beauty pageants. Now known as an actress. His first movie was released a few days ago. Three movies are waiting for release. There are also work engagements in other forms of media. He talked about these issues in today’s ‘Hello…’ section.

* What are you busy with now?

** I am in Dhaka. As there is no shooting work for now, I am giving time to study. I am doing honors in environmental science in a private university of the capital. I am having a great time studying.

* Many people in the film industry are also acting in dramas. Why don’t you?

**Actually I am new to acting. I’m just learning now. Since I started my acting career with movies, I plan to work in this field for some time. Maybe I will involve myself in all mediums when I turn into acting. But many talented drama makers are offering me acting, which is a matter of honor for me.

* Are you still working regularly in advertising?

** Some time ago I acted in six commercials. They have also been promoted. Due to a contract with a commercial organization, I cannot advertise for any other organization. Apart from that, I don’t want to be involved in average work. I want to move forward with the plan to enrich myself by keeping the standard.

* You still have a few movies in hand. What is their progress?

** All the work of the movie named ‘Black War’ directed by Sunny Sanwar is completed. An October release was a possibility, but now it seems that its release will be delayed. I am optimistic about the success of this movie. Apart from this, the shooting of Abu Tawhid Hiran’s ‘Adam’ and Rayhan Rafi’s ‘Noor’ has been completed, but the technical part of them is in progress. But in a short time these too will be ready for release. Apart from this, there is a possibility of signing a new movie. Currently reading a few scripts.

* Acting career, love, marriage – what is the position?

** I think now I should concentrate on acting and studies. I have no interest in love. Because now is the time to build a career. But I don’t want to think about the future now. And marriage is still far away.

The article is in Bengali

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