Surprise star right after birthday

Surprise star right after birthday
Surprise star right after birthday

Model actress Chamak Tara has been busy with her studies for the past few days. For now, the busyness of studies has decreased a little, so now he plans to make new songs for his channel.

Within a few days, he wants to go to the beautiful location of Sylhet with some new songs. Because of this, for the time being, Chamak Tara said that he is busy with finding the location of the new song, preparing the costume, creating the story of the song and who will be the model with him in the song.

An artiste has to put in a lot of effort to get his channel established. In view of that, Chamak Tara has to make time for her own channel along with other works and create her own channel works. Although or for specific work many people including director, choreographer stay in the team. But since the works are done in his own production, he has to devote a lot of time to himself.

Meanwhile, Chamak Tara’s birthday is 23 September. He has no special plans for his birthday. Chamak Tara says that there is no special plan when the birthday comes. My mom and sister have friends to make the day special, they also try to make the day special. I am a very ordinary person. My life is very simple. So I feel comfortable spending my birthday in a very simple way.

And on the occasion of my birthday, I am going to release a song titled You are a dream for those who are regular viewers of my work soon on my channel. Everyone pray for me, my family.

The article is in Bengali

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