Bandhan in the role of a drug dealer

Bandhan in the role of a drug dealer
Bandhan in the role of a drug dealer

Actress Ajmeri Haque Bandhan surprises with different looks every time for acting. Recently, he has written his name in a domestic web series for the first time. Bandhan will be seen in the role of a drug dealer in the series titled ‘Guti’. Bandhan’s on-screen appearance in Guti has been revealed. He was never seen in such a look before.

It is reported that Shankh Dasgupta is producing the web series titled ‘Guti’ for the domestic OTT platform Charki. The main character of which is Sultana is Ajmeri Haque Bandhan.

Describing his look in the web series, Bandhan said, ‘Even first, I did the entire costume for the look test I had. I have had extensive discussions with the director about what veil to wear, what color clothes to wear, which one will look exactly like that character.’

Regarding the story of the web series, Bandhan said, ‘The story has been arranged very well by Shankh. He is a very brilliant creator. He wants to portray a completely different plot, different characters, a different kind of story. Here I am acting as a drug dealer named Sultana. I had a long discussion with Shankhar about the character; I have been holding the character for a long time. I did the costume for the first look test I had.’

Producer Shankh Dasgupta says, ‘Local artists from the regions where we will shoot have been cast. We are also taking care that a separate exception is made for it from the regional area as well. Now we all care about how much the work can be done technically.’

The producer also said that the web series will be shot in different locations including Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla. However, the director has kept it a mystery as to who other than Ajmeri Haque Bandhan has acted in the ‘Guti’ web series.

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