Malaika brings past and present under one roof

Malaika brings past and present under one roof
Malaika brings past and present under one roof

One is an ex-husband, the other is a current boyfriend. Bollywood sensation Malaika Arora is going to bring the two under the same roof. Are you surprised to hear? It’s like being surprised. This news has already spread like fire on social media. Some people are saying that these things are possible for Malaika! Someone asked, hey what’s going on?

So let’s be a little more open. Malaika and her younger sister Amrita Arora are going to appear with a new show very soon. The show is called ‘Aurora Sisters’. The show is coming to Disney Plus Hotstar. Where Malaika is going to open her mouth for the first time about love, marriage, separation, relationship with Arjun. There is no less interest among the fans.

Despite hanging out with Arjun publicly, Malaika has always remained silent about her breakup, love, personal life. But this time he will open his mouth. At that time Malaika will be present in front of her former and present two partners. Sitting in front of them, Malaika will talk about various details of her personal life.

Are you reading this news and surely thinking, Arbaaz and Arjun are together? Is this even possible? Will Arbaaz sit and talk in front of Arjun who once stormed the Khan family with Malaika’s love? Many questions are crowding together.

But no, kahani me thora twist hai. Both Arjan and Arbaaz will appear on the ‘Aurora Sisters’ show, but not together. The two will be seen appearing in separate episodes. But not just Arbaaz, Arjun, many of Malaika and Amrita’s family and friends will attend the show. The ‘Kapoor sisters’ Karisma and Kareena are also expected to attend.

Arbaaz-Malaika got married in 1998. They announced their separation in 2016 after 18 years of marriage. They officially separated in 2017. Arhaan Khan is the only child of Arbaaz-Malaika. Although currently separated, Arhaan’s responsibilities are carried out by the ex-wife of the Khan family together with Arbaaz.

A few days ago, Arbaaz and Malaika went to the airport together to drop off their son Arhaan. Meanwhile, Malaika has been dating Arjun Kapoor, who is 12 years younger than her, for several years. Arbaaz, however, does not go short. He has also been in a relationship with Georgia Andriani for a long time.

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