What Salman said about Vivek’s relationship with Aishwarya

What Salman said about Vivek’s relationship with Aishwarya
What Salman said about Vivek’s relationship with Aishwarya

Aishwarya Rai was in love with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. During the spring of her career, Miss Universe was the talk of the B-town with Salman.

But at one point, Aishwarya had to taste a bitter breakup with playboy Salman. Aishwarya took away the thorn of separation and gave her heart with conscience.
Bajrangi Bhaijan did not take the news well at all. And in that anger, Vivek Oberoi opened up about ‘Vhaijan’. News of Anandabazar newspaper.

Salman Khan Vs Vivek Oberoi — The ‘battle’ of the two Bollywood heroes was abuzz. The one around whom there is so much bitterness between the two heroes, is former beauty queen heartthrob Aishwarya Rai.

It was alleged that Salman threatened Vivek by calling her 41 times in one night. Vivek created a ruckus by making explosive allegations against Salman one after another.

Salman Khan indecently hinted that Vivek’s ‘Chakkar’ is going on with Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukerji and Dia Mirzad! This was the complaint made by the hero of the movie ‘Sathiyaan’. Vivek made one after another accusations against Salman in a regular press conference.

She also alleged that Salman abused her in inaudible language. Vivek said, he called me 41 times in one night. Called drunk and abused. Asking me who I am related to. Hearing this, I say – this is a personal matter. After this, Salman started naming the heroines one by one.

After that, Vivek said, I was silent even after hearing so much. I was abused in words that I could not put into words.

When talking about those actresses’ body shape, even my fiance mentioned Gurpreet’s name. I could not control myself then. I try to stop him.

Salman and Vivek’s bitterness caused an uproar in Bollywood. B-town has not yet forgotten this 20-year-old incident.

Salman-Aishwarya met for the first time on the sets of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. The romance of the screen is overshadowed in reality.

Despite the family’s disapproval, Aishwarya was in love with Salman. But later their relationship broke up and became Khan Khan.

Aishwarya alleged that Salman used to torture her. After breaking up with Salman, the former beauty queen was in love with Vivek. Due to which Salman took Vivek with one hand. Although later, Ashe’s relationship with Vivek did not last.

Currently, she is the bride of the Bachchan family. But still her face with Salman is off. B-town has not yet forgotten this old incident.

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