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Bong Guy Vs Dev-Prosenjit: They can too, Dev and Prosenjit convinced Bong Guy on a public bus!

Bong Guy Vs Dev-Prosenjit, G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Bong Gai accepted Kiran’s challenge, this time it was shown by Tollypara’s two superstars Dev and Prosenjit. On Wednesday morning, Prasenjit and Dev were seen riding a bus in Kolkata with Bong Gai Kiran Dutt. On behalf of Zee 24 Hours Digital Bong Gai Kiran Dutt said, ‘Yes, I thought they can’t, can such a big superstar get on the bus? But they did it. Dev and Prasenjit board a public bus from Ballyganj outpost to Jadavpur in the morning. I was also with them, ordinary commuters were also there. Everyone was surprised to see Dev, Prasenjit in the bus, I saw many people calling their homes too.’

Movie heroes mean they are above reality, they do many things on the movie screen, which are not possible for them to do in reality. Such was the idea of ​​’Bong Gai’ Kiran Dutt. And from that idea, Kiran challenged Dev and Prosenjit to ride the bus. Because, they were seen riding a bus in a scene of their upcoming film ‘Kachher Mansoom’. But ‘Bong Gai’ Kiran was of the opinion that despite riding a bus in the movie, riding a bus with Aadpe Aam Aadmi is not possible for stars like Dev-Prasenjit. And for that reason, he practically challenged the two Bengali superstars on social media. Posting a clip of a scene from Dev’s film, Kiran wrote, ‘This is possible only in cinema. Take a bus like this in real life and see.’ He also tagged two stars in his post. But both Prasenjit accepted the challenge. Accepting Kiran’s challenge, Dev writes, ‘Let’s go ok…see you tomorrow on the bus, don’t take the challenge’. Prosenjit also replied to Kiran. He wrote, ‘Okay. See you tomorrow on the bus, now let me be as I am.’

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As said and done. On Wednesday, Dev and Prasenjit showed off their ‘star’ status and boarded a public bus just like Aam Aadmi. Ballyganj outpost to Jadavpur area.

Incidentally, Dev and Prosenjit Chatterjee’s film ‘Kachher Mansoom’ is awaiting release. This film will be released on Panchami day. Meanwhile, Deb is leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film. The two actors are participating in one interview after another, one event after another.

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