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Even after the mysterious death of the heroine, the house has not been sold

Parveen Bobby was one of the top actresses of Bollywood. He died in 2005. Four days after his death, his decomposed body was recovered from his own house. The apartment where the mysterious death took place is still unsold!

Parveen Bobby’s apartment is sea facing. The demand and price of sea facing apartments in Mumbai is skyrocketing, but this apartment has been priced at just Rs 15 crore! If someone wants to take rent, then he has to multiply 4 lakh rupees per month. It is very less compared to other similar flats.


And the reason for wanting to sell or rent so low is the fear of people around this apartment.

Parveen Bobby spent his last days in this apartment on the seventh floor of the Riviera Building in Juhu, Mumbai. Even at the pinnacle of success, Parveen was the ultimate loner.

Multiple failed relationships, drug addiction, all in all he was mentally unstable. He was always afraid. Suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. He cut off contact with everyone. Then one day his body was recovered from Bobby’s flat. Doctors said that he died of natural causes due to ‘multiple organ failure’.

Parveen Bobby’s flat was completely decorated after his death. ‘Parveen Bobby’s Charitable Trust’ is written outside the newly decorated door. Then in 2014, a person rented the house. The person is asked to vacate the apartment due to commercial use in the residential area. After that, the sale initiative was taken but the apartment could not be sold.

The buyers told the authorities that they were uncomfortable taking the flat due to Parveen Bobby’s mysterious death and the body lying there for four days.

From 1972 to 1983, Parveen Bobby made his mark in Bollywood. He will live in the hearts of the audience for the films Majboor, Namak Halal, Kala Pathar, Diwar, Amar Akbar Antony, Shaan.


The article is in Bengali

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