‘Cello Show’ beats ‘Kashmir Files’-‘RRR’ in Oscar race, Pan Nolin’s reaction


First Published Sep 21, 2022, 11:16 AM IST

The Academy Awards are the Oscars, the biggest awards in the world of film. Everyone is looking at who will get the Oscar feather on their crown. Movie lovers are also keen to know who has fallen from the best of the best. There are some pictures in the list, all of which have been made public. Last Tuesday, the Film Federation of India announced that neither SS Rajamouli’s RRR nor Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, Pan Nalin’s Gujarati film Cello Show has made India’s official Oscar entry this year. ‘Chello Show’ is the only Indian film to make it to the Best International Feature Film category at the 2023 Academy Awards.

The excitement around the Oscars is always high. On top of that, the Gujarati film Chelo Show, directed by Pan Nalin, seems to have doubled. The story of this film is basically from Gujarat. Where Nalin grew up. The two played the role of the main character of the film. Where Sergio Leoni and Terrence Malik are seen as children and adults. A 9-year-old boy walks along the railway line. His dream continued with him. Time’s father sells tea on the train. And so their life goes on. The director made the film about how the beginning of the digital age revolutionized the projection of movies from a young age.

The film was screened at the ‘Tribeca Film Festival’ in 2021. The film also made it to film festivals in many countries. The film was also well appreciated. The film has made a place in the minds of viewers and critics all over the world. The film stars Bhavin Rabari, Bhavesh Srimali, Richa Meena, Paresh Mehta, Deepen Rawal. Chelo Show is going to be released on October 14 in theaters across the country including Gujarat.

The Oscar race is fiercely contested. This time ‘Cello Show’ has defeated ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘RRR’. A few days ago there was a campaign to send Kashmir Files and RRR films to the Oscar competition. But the Academy may also love to give awards to movies based on movies. So it is believed that this film has a great chance to win. Director Pan Nolin said about the film’s Oscar, ‘Oh my God! Never thought such a day would come. It’s time to celebrate. This film has received love since its release. .What is going to happen tonight. Thanks to Film Federation of India and FFI Jury Members. Thank you very much for trusting ‘Cello Show’. Currently, the excitement around this film is increasing. The film could be a strong entry in the Best International Film category at the Oscars.

Last Updated Sep 21, 2022, 11:16 AM IST

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