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OC Harun to return, final episode of ‘Mahanagar’ announced

Last year’s most talked about and acclaimed Bengali web series ‘Mahanagar’. In the series, Musharraf Karim made a new discussion among the audience by playing the role of OC Haroon. The screen OC Harun is back again.

Indian streaming platform Hothai has completed five years. Season 6 was announced on Tuesday (September 20) night. And on this day it was known that the streaming platform also announced the final episode of the extremely popular Bangladeshi series ‘Mahanagar’.


After the release of ‘Mahanagar’ last year, the web series directed by Ashfaq Nipun created a huge response. Since then, the viewers of Bangladesh and India are waiting for the second season. Often the people involved with Nipun have to face the question about when the second season of the series is coming.

Doubts are also created about whether the second season of ‘Mahanagar’ will come at all. At last all fears were removed by the noise. They said on Wednesday night that Ashfaq Nipun will make the final episode of ‘Mahanagar’ soon. OC Harun is returning to the screen again.

In the first installment of ‘Mahanagar’, besides Musharraf Karim, Mustafizur Noor Imran, Zakia Bari Mom, Shyamal Mawla, Nasir Uddin Khan, Khairul Basar and others acted. However, there is no indication as to who will be in the final episode.


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