Asif Akbar sang the words of Zahara Mitu

Asif Akbar sang the words of Zahara Mitu
Asif Akbar sang the words of Zahara Mitu

After modeling, presenting, acting and judging, Zahara Mitu made her debut as a singer. Mitu is going to make her debut as a lyricist with a song titled ‘Pakhi Pakhi’ from the movie ‘Shatru’. The song ‘Pakhi Pakhi’ is composed and composed by Eamon Saha. The song is sung by Asif Akbar and Kolkata singer Ankita.

In this context, Zahara Mitu said, ‘I did an adventure bravely. Although I have had the habit of writing since childhood, I never thought that I would write songs for my own films.’

He also said, ‘Shatru needed a song that was related to the film. Why don’t you write Bappi first in the table discussion? Bappi Chowdhury’s words brought the song to mind. The song was written in just five minutes. Bappi has to give the credit. What follows is history for me. The song became a reality with the efforts of the producer, director, music director.

Bappi Chowdhury acted opposite Zahara Mitu in ‘Shatru’ directed by Suman Dhar. Mitu played the role of a mischievous and drug addict girl in the movie. On the other hand, Bappi will be seen as a policeman. Besides, Misha Saudagar also acted.

Besides, the movie ‘Joy Bangla’ starring Zahara Mitu and Bappi Chowdhury is waiting for release. This government grant movie is directed by Kazi Hayat.

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