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Rajiv Kumar | Exclusive interview of Srabanti Chatterjee’s ex-husband Tollywood director Rajib Kumar dgtl

At one time he had hit films one after the other – ‘Dujane’, ‘Paglu’, ‘Amanush’, ‘Amanush 2’. His last film directed by him was released in 2018. After that, where did director Rajeev Kumar go? The director was seen quite far outside the city. The shooting of the serial ‘Alor Adresha’ is going on. It was there that one time hit director Rajeev met with Anandabazar Online.

Question: Why leave the management of the big screen serial floor?

Rajeev: Small screen is my hand in this industry. Before making the duo, I used to work as a director in television. Of course, I took a lot of pictures. For example, many films including ‘Mad’, ‘Manush’. Now there is a little problem after the corona situation. We mainly made films for the single screen audience. Now the market for that film is less. Dev, Jeet, Ankush are also producers now. They have now turned to other types of work.

Question: Dev, didn’t Jeet’s production company call you to direct the film?

Rajeev: Yes, talk to them. But right now they are making a different picture. Especially I think I am not good at making the kind of pictures that Dev is making. But still I think, to save the industry we have to make spicy commercial films. Fight masters or dancing people are getting a lot of damage.

Q: According to many directors, there will be no Tamil, Telugu remakes of spicy films. There you have to create the same picture as you say. Do you think the audience will want to see the picture?

Rajeev: See we have two types of audience. A part is educated. Those who like to think a little. Another part watches movies just for entertainment. And that kind of audience seems to me to be more. Apart from that, just looking at social media pictures is likely to get boring at some point.

Q: Do you think the breakup with Sravanti has affected your career a lot?

Rajeev: But there was not much impact on work. Even after verbal farewell we did ‘Bindas’. Srabanti is much ahead of the rest of the Tollygunge heroines. I want to work with him again. No problem at all.

Question: Your son Jhinook has grown up now. Working as Assistant Director. Have you talked about this? How is the relationship between father and son?

Rajeev: Definitely good relationship. When he comes to me on Saturday-Sunday holidays, we discuss movies. I said don’t work with me on series, because you can’t take the whole day’s work. Assist me when I make pictures.

Question: There is a lot of talk about Jhinuk and his ‘girlfriend’. What do you say?

Rajeev: Yes, I have seen it practiced. What do I say about their personal matters! Apart from that, Jhinuk doesn’t even have the courage to talk to me about love. He has a mother, will understand all this.

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Question: So when will Rajeev Kumar’s film be released on the big screen?

Rajeev: The script has been finalized. Written by NK Salil. I will make the film under the production of Surinder Films. There will be two heroes and heroines. But no one can be named now. It is increasingly obvious.

Question: Srabanti has come a long way in her life. Have you thought of a new relationship?

Rajeev: Shot ready. I will answer this later.

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